13 November 2008

What Ever Happened To... Vogue 1046: The Voluminous Gingham Dress

I have a strong tendency to rack up UFO's on my sewing path, and by blogging all year I am starting to see that I am dragging anyone who reads my blog with me down the road of non-completion.  The best thing to come of blogging is that I finish more of my UFO's for the benefit (at least in my mind) of the collective sewing consciousness -- you know, contributing to that sense of closure.  Before things get too philosophical, let's move on to the dress...

All better now.

 finished garment.  It seemed like the dress had ideas of its own, with those bothersome gathers on the sides of the skirt back pushing out almost horizontally in a very unflattering way.  After fielding suggestions from some of you talented sewists and stylists, and after consultation with my sewing guru, I decided to:
1. Unpick each end of the seam attaching the back yoke to the skirt back about 6 or 7 inches,
2. Ungather the first 2-3 inches of fabric from the side seam in, and
3. Make a big ol' pleat to use up the excess fabric.
4. Sew it all back together.

Given this fabric is so lightweight, it didn't weigh the skirt down enough to keep those multi-directional puckers from happening.  The pleats make a HUGE difference in my comfort and confidence wearing this dress, but the silhouette is still VOLUMINOUS, and after seeing the photos I took today of the dress from the side and straight on, I think I will make the same alterations to the front next spring.  

Pattern review will be posted tomorrow.  Have a great weekend, everyone!!!!!!!


  1. You still look tiny and dainty in it, but it almost looks like there is too much fabric in the skirt part. It is a little hard to tell, my screen makes this b/w print all wonky. I like the silhouette though and it looks really comfortable.

  2. I think you're right on. . .you need to take this baby in quite a bit. This is not flattering on you. I don't think it would be flattering on anyone due to the voluminousnes. . . and that is not a dig on you at all. It's got to be the pattern. You are very talented. . .

  3. Thanks for the feedback, really. I really go back and forth with this dress. I don't feel as crazy about it when I wear it, but then I see these pictures and I think, "OK, that's ridiculous." It's a real love-it-or-hate-it kind of dress, from the responses I've gotten here and on patternreview.com. I'd give it away to someone who thinks they would like it and fit it well, but the finishing on the inside is so sloppy I'm kind of embarrassed. 8) It was a wearable muslin, after all.....

    Anyhow, I think I should stick to the more semi-fitted styles as a rule of thumb. Thanks again. :)

  4. The Watteau gowns of yore also had that voluminizing effect. My favorite Watteau style dresses are FLAT front and full back. Yummy. That dress is interesting enough to pursue. I'd like to see what you do to it next summer.

  5. Watteau? Clearly a gap in my fashion education. Off to Wikipedia...

  6. "...I am starting to see that I am dragging anyone who reads my blog with me down the road of non-completion."

    Hardly! In fact, it's kind of comforting to realize that I'm not the only one with multiple unfinished projects and dread/doubt about finishing them! Somehow knowing I'm not alone makes me feel better, and that makes me much more likely to dig into those dusty projects. So thanks!

  7. If it has to be said, I'm a volume girl! but we petites have to make sure the volume is in the right place. if that dress had a cinched waist and big skirt it would be fantastic. frankly, i'm offended at how cute you look in it, cuz you shouldn't! but at the end of the day, i think the dress is wearing you. :)


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