07 October 2008

Vogue 1046, View A: Oh, I need help

I bought Vogue 1046 for View B in the spring, and never found just the right fabric.  As I worked through ideas for my Halloween costume, View A sprang to mind.  I knew I was using black and white gingham and would make a dress, and was tired of shirtdresses, and needed something new!  So Vogue 1046 it was.

No one -- let me reemphasize -- NO ONE -- has sewn this and posted a review on patternreview.com, nor has anyone seemed to have sewn this and reviewed it on their personal blog.  Add to that a very odd little pattern quirk: there are no garment measurements anywhere, not on the pattern envelope, not on the pattern pieces.  I went into this kind of in the dark.  I know you must be saying to me, out loud, in front of your computer, "Antoinette, it's a sack.  You don't need to measure a sack.  It will look like a sack no matter what the measurements."

The smallest size is a 6, so I sewed a 6.  It went together very quickly, probably less than four hours to cut and sew.  (Yes, I hear you now, saying, "That is a very long time to assemble a sack.")

And here's the verdict:  It's a sack!  Let me just say that I can handle the maternity-ness of the front.  I like the cowl-y bias-cut front, which I've never worn before.  It is so comfortable that I put it on to check fit or take a picture, and I really don't want to take it off.  As far as sacks go, and I have my share of sacks in the closet, I kind of like this one, at least from the front!

But the back is just too much.  Too much ease, too much fabric.  Can you see it in the pictures?  Not flattering.  I have lost that sense of how to take it from what it is now to what I think it should look like.  Luckily, I have a few more weeks to sort it out, and I am seeing my sewing guru, Shauna, tomorrow.  I am bringing this garment.

Any guess on the Halloween costume???


  1. no idea on the costume... but what if you cinch it with a belt? that will undoubtedly take away from the awesome comfortableness, but might make it look great as a dress. you should make one of those sacks in velour! mmmmm... comfort. i'd buy one from your etsy shop.

  2. First, I love the cowled neck, it's a great look.

    Second, I don't know what the back of the neck/bodice section looks like, but what about making it plain and snug and then gather the skirt to make a high waist? Or if there is still too much fabric in the back, take some of the fullness out to make it more of a straight skirt in the back.

  3. I agree with columbia lily--take out the gathers from the back and make it a plain back (though I can't really see the back). Love the cowl. I definitely want to make more shirts with the cowl neckline.

    Can't wait to see the evolution of your garment! I don't know what the Halloween costume is either.

  4. Like everyone else, I like the front a lot, too! The back does need a little work though...

  5. It really is cute in front and the back is big. Can you take some ease out? I could see it with footless tights too. by the way, love the shoes!


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