27 July 2009

159. Sing-Along & Chanel Jacket Sew-Along

Did you sing along? Be honest! Hahaha. This scene is from Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, one of my favorite recent movies -- just hysterical. This scene captures how many people I know, who were then coming of age/ entering adulthood, feel about the early 90's: we've got generally pleasant memories but are vaguely embarrassed to revisit the time. I know it's painful to see what I was wearing then! Oh brother. Thank heaven for growing and developing one's sense of personal style.

Speaking of developing my personal style, a few posts ago I shared with you some fall fashions I'm loving. One was a Chanel ensem that was striking, and Gail from My Fabrication emailed me that maybe it is a good time for a Chanel jacket refashion sew-along. Given my recent checkered past with sew-alongs (i.e. I "host" and don't actually finish the garment), I remembered Cindy from Colour By Number mentioning that she wanted to work on a Chanel jacket this year, and asked her if she would like to host. Cindy suggested we make a team blog, not really "host" it except to administer the site, and open it up to refashions OR origins (as Gail so eloquently phrased it, meaning sewn from new fabric).

So here we are! Cindy posted about this yesterday and already there's a bunch of interest both in sewing along and in watching. Big thanks to Gail and Cindy for all their ideas and work behind the scenes so far. If you're up for it, join us! We are just collecting ideas, patterns, fabric, and sew-along partners for now, with a tentative kick-off sewing date of Sept. 1 and a completion goal of Nov. 15.

And that's my specific "inspiration garment". Not the iconic Chanel jacket, but from a recent, Pre-Fall/ Winter 2009 collection. I'm more confident I'll finish this on time, as opposed to the pants, because:
  1. I have a bodice sloper
  2. Given my inspiration garment, I'll be much more focused on "couture" embellishment than couture construction
  3. I don't have emotional baggage from having failed multiple times before
But don't you worry. I'll be working on pants the last few months of 2009. What a nice end to the year with a custom Chanel-inspired jacket and custom slacks, too. In fact, what a great holiday outfit! Now I'm feeling even more inspired.....


  1. I cheer from the sidelines.

    I'm still looking at pant patterns. I'm going to scan a few MSB pattern guides and show the differences between the styles and ease. Stay tuned...

  2. Love your post. I can't wait to see your final jacket! Wow--love the embellishment!

  3. Wow Antoinette - that's taking faux Chanel to a whole new level. Can't wait.

  4. I love your jacket idea. This is going to be so much fun!

  5. Your jacket's going to be tres chic! Can't wait to see it.

  6. It's painful to see my hair from the early 90's. and late 90's.

    I bet your jacket will kick a$$ and take names.

    Love "origins"!!!

  7. Good luck with your jacket!! I bet it's going to look awesome!

  8. I like jacket so much better than the classic one, but then I'm really big on v-necks. Good luck with the sewalong - I'm still trying to start sewing my t-shirt!

  9. @geek sewing - I've still got pants in the back of my mind, too. Look forward to seeing what you've got in mind!

    @Cindy - I can't wait either!

    @Gail - I only hope I can do it justice! I'm slightly intimidated...

    @Anonymous - Thanks!

    @Mary Nanna - And what do you have in mind for your Chanel?

    @Kyle - Now I think I need to see those photos of your 90's hair!

    @NGLaLaLa - Is a Chanel-style jacket in your sewing future? ;)

    @Violet - I have a lot of appreciation for the classic one, but I have a store-bought jacket that's similar in shape, etc. and for my body and stature I need just the right slacks to go with it. And then we're back to the pants thing again! I like the v-neck, too, and am curious to see how this knock-off will work.

  10. Hah, that's why I'm glad my "coming of age" time period was the late 90s-early 00's. ;)

    And I like your jacket inspiration-- I'm really not into the tweed boucle jacket look, so that one is much more up my alley!

  11. Hi Antoinette,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I just posted on Cindy's blog about the sew along. I'll do it. Perhaps it's time I had one "grown up" piece of clothing in my closet.


  12. @Becky - Me, too, though I have not ruled out sewing a tweedly boucle jacket for myself someday.

    @RiAnge - Have you selected which jacket style you want to sew?

    @AMIT - Thanks so much. :)


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