25 June 2009

150. Fall inspiration from W Magazine 2009-06

Hello from the tropics! It seems mega-tropical by this pattern of 103 humid degrees, every single day!  There's nothing like a hot summer day to make you wish for the kind of weather you can layer in.  All other criticisms aside (GiniferGoodwinyou'readollbutidon'tbuythebadgirlimageyou'retryingonforsize), the June 2009 issue was full of the most inspirational clothing photos I've seen in a long time.  Not necessarily inspirational as in "do something about it", but inspirational as in "this is something special, way out of the ordinary, and really beautiful".  Here are a few of my faves:

Chanel, of course.  Classic, luxe.  Isn't it beautiful?  I don't like double breasted jackets but, with the lapel and scarf, and the trim, I'm sold on it.  And have you seen the Chanel ad from the same issue, with the black jacket that looks overly bedazzled in the very best way?  I'm predicting a future DIY project and tutorial for someone on the WWW.

All of these are Alexander McQueen but I can't take my eyes off the sculpted houndstooth number in the middle.  The asymmetrical neckline, the mounds of folds, the wrapped bodice... wow.  Next time you need to blend in with houndstooth wallpaper, a la Garden State, you'll know what to wear.

Ralph Lauren.  The long silk gown is so romantic and dreamy.  Paired with the silky vest and crisp, cropped blazer, it's a study in texture and contrast.  In my dreams, my hair is grown out and I'm wearing this ensemble, riding a horse at twilight through a dense, foggy forest.  (OK, that's not true at all.  But you see why I went there.  Just look at her.)
I totally, completely saved the best for last.  I was on the airplane flipping through this magazine a few weeks ago when I came upon this image.  Of course, in print it's much bigger.  I kid you not, the Rodarte leather jacket (left) took my breath away.  I assumed it was lack of air  pressurization in the airplane but Louis and everyone else on the plane was fine.  Yesterday I was going through the mags to rip out images to save and recycle the rest, and this jacket, again, drew air from my lungs and held me in a state of suspension for a few moments.  It is absolute and utter perfection.  All the buckles and straps look vaguely random and haphazard, but there's a lot of intent and meaning and vision.  

This image, once I catch my breath, might just inspire me to motion.

All images from Wmagazine.com.


  1. wow wow wow-oh

    I like the houndstooth too, and that girl knows her outfit rocks. Those sleeves--oooh, yeah. I have a pattern in mind!

    That last image: ooooh.

    Mesmerizing stuff.

  2. The shots are so beautifully set up and so immaculately styled. Would love to step out the door one day with such attention to detail in my look. One day ...

  3. How cool are the little umbrella hats! Love the crazy patterns too, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love how fitted that top Chanel suit is. And the cute little trim around the jacket and skirt edge.

  5. I reckon the ultimate refashioning challenge is to make a Chanel style jacket from a men's thrift shop coat. Are you up for it?

  6. thanks for the heads up! I am going straight to Borders to pick up that issue. the houndstooth piece alone is worth it!

  7. I'm the same way too. We have had an unexpected and enduring heatwave in Sweden and all I can think of is black clothes and the new shawl that I just bought and want to wear. Those photographs and clothes are amazing, I have actually promised myself to buy more foreign fashion magazines during this summer holiday, so W is definitely on my list now!


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