21 March 2009

122. For the Boys

I.  Kyle the Gal, not Kyle the Guy

I drove to San Antonio this morning to meet up with Kyle, who I originally struck up an online conversation with over at PatternReview.com last summer.  You see, we are both ruffle lovers and found much to bond over.  (Kyle is female but has a traditionally male name, which is a topic I covered here several months ago.  LOL)  She is in S.A. for a conference and today was her free day to mosey about town, so I joined in on the fun.

We spent the afternoon at the Southwest School of Art & Craft, which I'd never heard of before this week and which Kyle had visited her last time in S.A.  The main building is an historic landmark and is just beautiful and amazing.  This fountain was out front and Kyle shows what a great photo subject she is (natural smile, no tension or apprehension... much for me to learn here!) in her impeccably-sewn -- and self-made, I might add -- pink double knit shirt.

We also went to the S.A. public library, which had pretty remarkable sculptures inside and out.  For a few more photos from this day trip, check out the Flickr set.  

II. Bradley Baumkirchner

Over lunch, we talked a little bit about her meeting Kevin from Project Runway Season 4 last spring.  It reminded me that I'd met Bradley Baumkirchner from Season 3 (while he swung through Austin on a quick tour about a year and a half ago) and I don't think anyone but the photographer and me have ever seen the photo!  So I thought I would share:

Bradley is delightfully random and funny, pretty much exactly as he was on the show.  Very good-natured guy.  It's interesting how there are just as many male Project Runway competitors as there are female, although in the home sewing world that male-female ratio seems way off.  Just last week I thought I had my first-ever blog comment from a male sewist, but it turned out to be just spam.  Boo.

III.  RocketBoy

Toward the end of the afternoon today, Kyle asked me if I'd been to PatternReview.com lately to read any of the reviews by the new male pattern reviewer who is causing a bit of a stir.  Funny enough, after I got back to Austin and was catching up on the day's blog updates before sitting down to write my own post, Mary Nanna mentioned this same new pattern reviewer, the self-named RocketBoy.  He seems to be a real technician with his sewing and pattern drafting, and is a fun stylist for his photo shoots.  He's also got a model (his bf?) who dons several variations of swim trunks and briefs, much to the collective delight of the PatternReview commenters.  I appreciate that there's a guy in there mixing things up, and I love the positive effect he has on the group!  Many of the comments are LOL funny, and they are all written tastefully, respectfully, and in the supportive spirit of the community.

IV. The Sunday Best

And it all reminded me of a male style blogger I've been meaning to share with you.  The only one, really.  I've followed him on and off since last summer and his name is Thomas Wong.  He's Canadian and blogs at The Sunday Best.  Pretty good stuff there, and this blog got me on the post tracking system of numbering each title so I stay on top of just how many posts I'm publishing.

Kyle already posted about our afternoon in S.A. and I concur that we'd def. hang out in person if we lived closer together!  Actually, I suspect that would be the case with each of you regular commenters -- my sweet blogging buddies.  So be sure to ring me if you head for these sunny climes.  At the very least find me on Facebook and we can virtually hang out more.  I hear Sarah is due up for a Texas trip next...  ;)


  1. That is so awesome that you got to meet up with a sewing pal! I'm jealous!

  2. 1. Hee, how is Alex doing?? I meant to ask! Lately I haven't been able to take pix of myself without looking goofy, so i'm happy I looked natural enough! :)
    2. LOVE the photo of you with Bradley. Looks like good times.
    3. That's too funny--I read Mary Nanna's post that you linked to--so funny about the "modest reveal"!!!
    4. I will have to check out the Sunday Best.

  3. Sounds like such fun! Thanks for mentioning the Pattern Review guy, I don't read it much during the school year, it's more of a summer thing, so I like being kept abreast of what is going on.

  4. Thank you, I looked in and you all seem to be doing great with the pants. You really inspire me!

  5. great photo with Bradley - you look tickled pink to be with him. And Austin is on my short list of place I must see (when I get the time and money to travel for liesure purposes).

  6. I do envy you your little piece of Project Runway fame.

    BTW the fur has been flying about RocketBoy on pattern review. I think the board moderators have been working overtime deleting comments on his reviews.. If you read the comments carefully you'll see that people are replying to comments that are no longer there, things like ... "I disagree Janice12, I think the shots are very tasteful and flat garment photography just isn't the same.." etc etc.

  7. Awww that Bradley party was lots of fun. I ate too many truffles and had an energy drink that had me wired until 4am the next day-not good!


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