29 August 2008

The girl who looks like a boy but is really a girl

I've been out of the loop!  Not a lot of sewing going on, and no picture-taking of the sewing going on, so no sewing post yet.  Later this weekend I'll post a photo of the latest shirt refashion.  But for now, an update on what's kept me away from Blogland for so long...

Louis started Kindergarten Monday!  I spent last week fretting and preparing.  When Monday morning came, we were set and Louis was a champ.  He walked straight in the classroom and settled right in.  No tears from either of us, though I felt nauseous a couple times.  And he had a really, really great week!  Success!

Louis came home that first day and said, "There's a girl in my class who looks like a boy but is really a girl."  I asked if he knew her name, and he didn't.  

The next day, after school, he recalled an encounter with said girl on the playground: "Mom, I made it to the third monkey bar on the playground today.  But the girl who looks like a boy but is really a girl?  She made it all the way across the monkey bars by herself!"  I asked if he knew her name yet, and he said no.  So I suggested he find out the next day.

Wednesday, after school, I asked Louis if he found out this little girl's name.  He said, "Which little girl?"  At which point I had to respond, "The little girl who you say looks like but boy but is really a girl."  To which he replied, "No."

I'd seen this little girl, and for the record, she neither looks nor dresses like a boy.  Her hair is a long pixie/ almost shag, super-cute, but she's pretty feminine.  So I asked Louis, "Why do you think she looks like a boy?"  And he said, "Her hair is short."  I pointed out, "My hair is shorter than hers.  Do you think I look like a boy?"  Louis said, "No.  But she's really strong."

WHAT?  Chauvinism is permanently etched on that Y chromosome from the point of conception?

I said, "Yes, but I'm really strong and I'm not a boy."  He fell silent.  No other logic to rationalize his instinct.  Today I finally asked Louis' teacher what this little girl's name is.



  1. Haah. That's a really funny story especially the clincher at the end..."her/his" name is Alex???
    Kids are great. Me and my husband both have non-gender names too. It's great fun.

  2. this is awesome, kids are hysterical. It's a big reason why I'm a teacher...although teenagers aren't nearly as entertaining.

  3. Hahahaha.... That was really cute.

  4. What a great story, it made me laugh out loud! I'd love to know if her name is really Alexandria and they use Alex as a nickname. Like Ronnie for Veronica or Sam for Samantha.

    It's not easy being a girl with a boy's name! I should blog about it. :)

  5. Hi AP,

    Great story. Glad to hear you are holding up to the rigors of kindergarten parenthood. I have 3 more years before I have to tackle it, but I am fretting already. ugh.
    All the best!

  6. Oh man. I lost all my hair when I was 16. A girl with NO hair?? Unimaginable for small children! I got the most perplexed looks from children almost always followed up by them asking their parents in earshot "Is that a boy or a girl?"

    This story made me laugh so hard remembering how sweet and silly and downright funny the innocence of kids can be! Thanks for sharing!

  7. My six year old nephew came home from school and said, "There's a new boy in my class. His name is Foot."

    "Foot?" we asked. "Are you sure?"
    "Maybe its Feet," he replied.

    Turns out the kid's name was Hans.


  8. Alex is short for Alexandra.
    And as I'm her dad, who she's always asking to be carried by, I didn't realize she was so strong either.


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