26 February 2009

115. Two weeks since I've posted?

Whoah!  Entirely too long then.  I've missed you!  I haven't touched my machine in over a week, been working the day job a lot lately, and my BFF Emily and I are in Miami for a couple of days to decompress after all that work intensity.  See that picture up there?  That's across from our hotel. 

FYI, there are quite a few brave, adventurous, fun souls who have decided to sew-along in this informal little pants sew-along in March (which is right around the corner, oh boy!).  I've added links to their blogs in the upper right, and as we sew along, I'll try to keep that list updated with their most recent sew-along posts.  I've decided on Simplicity 2700, which is kind of a sloper pattern.  I was heavily leaning toward this pattern and Faye's recent experience with it, and her amazing new pants, convinced me this is the one.  Johanna Lu has joined the sew-along and I'm very interested in her goal to re-create these Anthropologie pants she has loved for years.

For now, I'm headed back to the beach!  More soon.


  1. Oh, I'm envious of your sunshine and *totally* identify with the work craziness. If only I could take a getaway like this!

  2. Hope you are having a great time! I've missed you! I can't imagine not touching my computer for a week....I'm totally spoiled.


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