01 March 2009

116. Pants Sew-Along Begins

I'm back home and today is the day:  Day One of the pants sew-along!  I have chosen Simplicity 2700, and I'll be using a big wad of a lightweight - 8 oz? - black denim (with a touch of lycra for stretch, as Sarah and Violet suggested in their recent comments), unwadded of course for this project.  This pattern is not a Palmer Pletsch pattern but includes 1-inch seam allowances for fit -- I guess that's not limited to Palmer Pletsch pants but is just smart pant-fitting, right?  

The new technique for me is the fly front.  It takes me ten times longer to exit the ladies room these days as I have to carefully study the construction of the fly front of the pants I'm wearing, compared to the instructions in Simplicity 2700, before leaving the stall.

As I deplaned in Orlando last week, a fellow short-legged colleague of mine commented on the decent fit of the pants I was wearing, and she lamented the lifelong challenge of buying RTW pants as a 5' tall woman in a world of 5'4" and 5'6" standard blocks.  I bragged about this little adventure you're guiding me along, and I think she was hopeful I would help a sister out and sew her some perfect-fitting pants while I was making my own.  We'll see how this sew-along goes and then maybe I can think about a career as pantmaker to the stars.

Cutting the pants tomorrow!  As of today, Mary Nanna the Pant Goddess has gotten started fitting her muslin!  Check it out... 


  1. hey well done, you're off the starting blocks! I saw that simplicity pattern and I thought they looked like a nice basic.

    You know really, they need to make their patterns young, middle aged and old because actually a lot of the fitting has to do with gravity and childbirth.

    Still, I like the way they called them slim, average and curvy. Not slim, average and fat. Or slim, average and fluffy.

  2. Like Mary Nana, I think this simplicity pattern is a great start. I would have used it if it wasn't for the uncertain delivery time to France.

  3. Very interesting layout with specific body-type styles, have not seen that before. And Amazing fit sounds very promising :)And ditto on the home made pant vs RTW - once you get the fit and sewing right I think the home made ones can be vastly better than most shop offerings - and clearly others can appreciate it too!

  4. interesting.. what else have u tried sewing? underwear? I would think that if you know how to sew pants, then under wear would be easy.
    I hope this goes well! (=

  5. Amazing fit, huh? You can't go wrong, right?! Else, we better call the pattern company and say, "'Amazing fit', my @$$!"

    I'm with Johanna Lu. Those who finally had success with their pants: wow! Them in their great fitting jeans are even more remarkable. Okay, enough chit chat... will have to stop first at Mary Nana's though.

  6. I want to be able to make a pair of pants that fit. I really do.

  7. Hello There!! I have a link on my site for installing a zipper. (Sandra Betzina way)Thanks for the idea of the sew along. I have spent most of the day researching fitting techniques. I am excited and determined to make some pants I like. www.ddsworldofsewing.wordpress.com


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