14 February 2009

113. Serendipity

Thank you for your great suggestions on the upcoming pant project!  They have all been recorded for reference once March 1 arrives.  I think I will pick a very basic pant pattern that will be my pant sloper -- this worked for my bodice slopers and I'm not sure why I didn't think of it before you suggested it!  And then BurdaStyle Nichola for sure.

I received several book recommendations from here and from patternreview.com, and I found one of them -- The Palmer Pletsch Pants for Any Body -- in vintage 70's, excellent condition at Half Price Books the other day.  In fact, it was bundled in a plastic bag with some other pant-related gems from the time, all for $4.98!  When opportunity is right in front of you, take it, right?

Despite my recent focus on draping Clementine, I was also delivered via Half Price Books a cosmic reminder that my still-shallow apparel construction roots are in patternmaking:

I've gone through Pants for Any Body and it is amazingly relevant and very much in line with many of the tips you left me in response to my Pants post.  I am looking forward to this epic pants journey!

A few of us are game for the pants sew-along.  I say, let's keep it informal and easy.  I'll be host and will add a widget in the sidebar once we start on March 1 with the schedule and links to everyone's site who wants to sew along.  I'll try to keep that updated as you post on your pants progress.  We'll have a rough schedule to reach the finish line by March 31 and use our blogs to update everyone else on our progress, ask for feedback, and encourage each other to complete their pants no matter how painful the process may be (I added that last bit for me. I just remember how my first 3 pants attempts went and anticipate needing some extra encouragement).  So here's the proposed schedule:

March 1 - Select pant pattern/ trace pattern/ draft pattern; blog it
March 7 - Sew first muslin; fit; blog it
March 14 - Alterations to first muslin or sew second muslin for fit; blog it
March 21 - Final alterations for fit; blog it
March 31 - Final pants finished in fashion fabric; blog it for the whole world to rejoice!

Quick update on the status of tutorials... I have begun the first tutorial, which will likely be an empire waist men's shirt refashion a la Refashion 11: Grainger.  Even though I had a full month of no travel from my last trip to my next, I am spending this last week of the month off preparing for my next big trip.  So I may not post that tutorial till the end of Feb., but hang in there with me!  I'll really try to get it done.  

I also made an interesting deal with myself when I started this almost-month-off-from-work: I would just create -- clothes, ideas, artwork, crafts, anything that came to mind -- with no mental editing.  No "this won't work", "that's too hard", "don't cut there!", "you don't want to start that" or anything of the sort.  For 3 weeks, my sketchbook, camera, and computer went with me nearly everywhere.  And some really interesting things are happening.  I can't say too, too much yet because it's not crystal clear in my head yet, but I think life is about to get really... interesting.  


  1. ooh sounds fun! Can't wait to see what you've come up with the past few weeks!

  2. I only just read your profile - unless you have a no-work month every month, I can't see how you can get so much sewing done!

  3. Oooh! I can't wait to see how it all unfolds: the pants project AND the thing that's about to make life so interesting!!

  4. you are so ambitious! can't wait to see the pants and the "interesting things that are happening" with your sketchbook & camera.

  5. Wow are you busy! Exciting things. I am going to attempt the pants sew along if that is okay. I am away part of the time so I might not be able to adhere to the schedule, or off by one week---I need all the help on the pants and would love to do it with others. I actually have a basic pant pattern from an issue of Burda. I just need to dig it up! This should be exciting!

  6. What a great idea with a sew along - I'm in! I need a kick in the butt to start on my Anthropologie knock-offs. The almost-month-off-from-work project sounds really intriguing, I'd love to do a similar thing one day.

  7. Thanks for your comment about my pants. I am actually excited about starting my next pair. Can't wait to see your pants results.

  8. Count me in. This should be fun. Thanks for the invite. Guess we get started this weekend??


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