29 January 2009

109. Video Tutorials?

My choices were to try to upload at full resolution, with file size 617 mb, or to compress to this tiny thing, at 1 mb. I will have to do more research, but I would like to find some middle ground so you can see with more detail (this is tiny and the resolution stinks) but not such a big file size.

Anyway, let me know what you think about doing video tutorials for some of the men's shirt refashions, instead of the traditional photo-with-caption tutorials. If I can work out better quality video, this would be a more highly preferred way to show you what I'm doing. Cause if you really want me to do technical writing in a linear/ photojournalistic way, I might go nuts.

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  1. Antoinette-I like the video tutorial idea! Anything visual works for me!

  2. Good idea re v-log tutorial, and I can hear and see you ok (although, as you mentioned, resolution is not perfect). Good luck for the contest!

  3. Admit it--you just wanted to me like Josh and I make vlog... ;)

    Actually, I think it's great to get to see/hear you and I'm looking forward to more installments.

    FYI--I can hear/see you just fine, but the resolution as embedded in the post is a bit small. But clicking through to the Flickr video worked great.

  4. Oops--that would be "be like," not "me like." That's what I get for giving you a hard time.

  5. Ditto what everyone said re vlog.

    It's really nice to hear and see you!

  6. Antoinette - lovely idea...I am very interested in your men's shirt refashion so I fully support the video tutorial!! I even have 3 shirts to refashion!! Thank you so much for your willingness to share this information!!

  7. Can't have you going nuts! Anyway, I can hear you just fine, and it looks like things will be easy enough to see when clicked through to Flickr. Looking forward to seeing the actual tutorial!

  8. Great idea, Antoinette!
    Although, I would also prefer a bit better video quality.
    Hey, if you really can't it do the photos-and-description way, I would really love it if you could also do a small text of the steps we'd have to take. I always function better when I see something in writing and it would help not to forget a step or misaunderstand something from the video. Just a suggestion.
    Good luck! We can't wait!

  9. I just happened to be home sick today and found this how to make a how to video. It's for scrapbooking but might help anyway. http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com/component/option,com_seyret/Itemid,54/task,videodirectlink/id,481/
    I love the idea and have thought about trying it myself mostly because well, I really don't like to read. Give me pictures anyday!

    Good luck!

  10. Hi Antoinette!! ((please see me waving ecstatically)) HHHIIIII!! Nice to SEE you!!

  11. I'm behind on my blog reading, so I'm just seeing this post now! I love it. Please continue!


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