20 December 2008

Simplicity 3694: Little Red Riding Hoodie

Before we get into my latest sample garment, trying out Simplicity 3694 for fit, let's answer a couple of questions from the comments to my last post...

I mentioned that I was a beginner sewist 18 months ago.  It would have been clearer to say I was a beginner-level sewist 18 months ago -- I've been sewing apparel for ~2 1/2 years.  If I'd seen that Martha Stewart ad with just one year of sewing under my belt (figuratively and maybe literally, ha-ha!), I probably would have wanted the Sewing Ideas site to deliver more directions than simply "sew up those two patterns and put them together."

Lisa asked how many items I've made. As you know, esp. with me!, there is a significant difference between the number of garments I've started and the number I've completed. Are you picking up what I'm putting down? As 2008 draws to a close, I plan to take a look back at the year to account for at least the last 12 months. I do sew a lot of little crafty things, which are mainly gifts, and as I tend to finish these projects quite close to their deadlines, I don't usually get to take photos of them before they are out the door and in the gift recipient's hands.

For now, I have a new garment to share with you, which is my sample garment for Simplicity 3694 a.k.a. Little Red Riding Hoodie, a.k.a. my version of the Martha Stewart Sewing Ideas dress.  I had some vintage plaid fabric from my mom's stash but not nearly enough for either the dress or jacket from this pattern.  I'd bought 2 yards of red corduroy for a Little Red Riding Hood Halloween cape, though I ran out of steam to sew the entire getup in October.  With Christmas coming, I grabbed the red cord and got to cutting.

Believe it or not, 2 yards of 44-inch wide fabric wasn't enough to sew the dress-length version with hood, and in fact, 2 yards was barely enough for the jacket.  

The extra pattern piece for the zipper placket is probably one of my favorite design features of the jacket, because this jacket could look dangerously wide without those extra vertical lines on the front.  I also dig the semi-patch pockets -- the sides of the pockets are not sewn as traditional patch pockets, but into the seams of the jacket itself.  Very cool.

Geek Sewing commented that she's out of her hoodie phase.  I totally get that!  I don't think I had any hoodies left in my closet from when I turned 30 and thought hoodies made me look like I was trying too hard to seem younger, and now I've just made one.  Also useful to know that this pattern features a nice, round neckline that would probably work with any number of collars, and someone sewed a dressy version with no collar at all that looks pretty sweet.

My red corduroy has very fine wales, and the fabric is so light.  I will probably line it if I use another lightweight fabric for my dress just to give it more body.  But I am sold on this pattern and it will make a fun little dress!  Now I just have to find the right fabric for it...

FYI, Sarah pointed out in her comment on my last post that Martha Stewart is hosting a contest on her site for sewn stuff, and there's a fashion category.  In looking through the 80+ entries as of last week, I can vouch for the fact that not one of the entries seems to have much to do with fashion.  Sure, aprons are cute and can be fashionable, but I can't see any apron winning in a fashion category over a well-made dress or jacket.  Here's the link to contest details -- hope to see some of you getting in on the action!

To photograph the jacket, I wore the Vogue dress that was originally intended as the Little Red Riding Hood dress, and now the fullness of the dress doesn't bother me so much!  Without a basket in sight to complete the Red effect, I grabbed a red truck.  Obviously.


  1. I like the red jacket! I too have stopped with the hoodies but I think it would still be neat to make one. Does your version have a zipper?

  2. And if it does have a zipper, how difficult was it to sew in? (A few years ago I made a failed hoodie...)

  3. Your hoodie is so cute! (I have yet to outgrow the hoodie thing, even after hitting 30!) I also love corduroy, and red, so this project is a trifecta of awesomeness in my book...

    I poked around the Martha contest and was horrified to see DIAPERS in the fashion category! Uh, okay...

    And, finally--Geek Sewing's Back?! Sweeeet!


  4. Way cute, of course. I think this is very flattering on you, way to go!!

  5. Watch out! You might start a trend with that red truck. BTW, the hoodie looks super cute. And hello, Sarah!

  6. I love it, especially the shape and length of the sleeves!
    You look so cute in that last picture, wearing your hood! And what's the point of sewing a hood, if you ain't gonna wear it, right?

  7. I still wear hoodies way too often. The heat doesn't turn on in my office until 9 AM, and I'm in before 8, so I'm hiding in one staying warm all winter! ;-)

    This read coat is fantasic, the shape and full arms and the wide hem are wonderful together.


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