17 December 2008

I Want to Know Ben Thomas' secret

Every time I see this trailer, I am riveted.  I just want to scream, "What is it?!  What IS IT?!?!?!?"

Hopefully it will warm up tomorrow and the sun will come out, and I can take decent photos of Simplicity 3964 to accompany a pattern review.  Hope you are having a great week!  :)


  1. haha! I feel the same! Looking forward to the movie.

  2. there are a lot of good movies out now! I want to see Australia!

  3. I have been a bad blog buddy... and haven't commented back for several days! I finally went onto IMDB a few days back and looked up this movie because it was driving me crazy that I couldn't tell what it was about from the trailers. I am a big Will Smith fan...he is SO HOT. =)


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