06 December 2008

Mii vs. Me

After drying my hair in my hotel room the other morning, I looked in the mirror and was simultaneously amused and horrified at how much I resembled my Mii (the avatar/ character you create to represent yourself when you play a Nintendo Wii).  I didn't have my camera on this trip so I couldn't record the exact visual.

Today I found MakeWee.com and although the choices are not all exactly the same as on the Wii, I came up with a Mii that's close to me.  I looked down and realized I was wearing my mustard yellow t-shirt, so I changed into black jeans and took a  photo.  I just got my hair cut this morning and I don't think I looks quite like what I saw in the mirror the other day, but my actual look is eerily close to the Mii, don't you think?

In the battle of Mii vs. Me, though, no doubt Me would win.  ;)


  1. I am actually wearing my hair in two little ponytails today, something I never would have thought of doing had it not looked so cute on my mii!

  2. Ha, I love the tiny smirk on your mii, it definitely adds character!

    And I'll take that very kind offer of yours on sewing advice, as soon as I find a nice, old, huge men's shirt to butcher!


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