10 December 2008

Refashion 10: Smock with a Capital S from Men's Dress Shirt

I'm not home yet from my current trip but I have a refashion to share from a couple of weeks ago. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for smocks, and when I got my hands on this red corduroy men's dress shirt, I thought it would make a perfect holiday smock.

This is smaller than the typical men's shirt I look for -- it was a men's size Large -- but it was plenty wide for this smock. I used the BurdaStyle Ellinor pattern, which is the same pattern I modified to make a jacket earlier this year.  Pattern-wise, I used the 36 and moved the bust dart, then took an inch from center front and an inch from center back.  I left off the sleeves and bound the sleeve holes and neckline.  The front of the shirt went to the back and vice-versa.  Oh!  And I added a little front ruffle.

I could have cut off the shirt placket from center back, but decided to keep it and embellish the buttonholes with zig-zag-stitched fauxflakes (as in fake embroidered snowflakes).  

BTW, I am torn about using the form for pictures.  I get to take much better pictures of the details, and it's easier for me to capture the essence of the garment when it's hanging on the form.  But I think there's a bit more personality when it's on a live human being.  So I'm working on taking better photos, both as a photographer and as a model.  I wish I could hire this gal to give me some modeling lessons.


  1. I agree that live models are always more interesting than dress forms in photos, but I like not having to take 6 photos to get the angle right! I too, wish I had a model at my disposal. :)

  2. You're definitely right here! I would love to see you wearing that, I think that amazing shade of red you got there will look even better against your coloring.

  3. You are so talented! I agree, I would love to see it on you!

  4. I love the fauxflakes!!! Also, thanks for the link to lost in the forest, I love her pictures, what a cool blog!

  5. Take photos of the details on the form but PLEASE take a photo of things on you - it has more personality and it always looks different on a person to a form.

    Thanks for all your awesome tutorials and everything!


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