03 October 2008

Project Runway letdown

Sorry, pals, no photo today, but I really need to get this out of my system!

I was out of town when the latest PR episode debuted on Wednesday, and I just watched it.  Let me vent:  I am over the producers' little game of not whittling down the final four to 3 contestants before they are sent home to create their collections.  It's such a cop-out that they can't possibly decide in this final four episode!  Isn't this the third season in a row they've done this?  Note to producers:  it doesn't necessarily make for a more suspenseful finale!  We think you knew all along who shouldn't have been there, and that this is a cheap production gimmick!

I can see in past seasons how hard it is to justify taking a designer to Fashion Week who's created a great body of work on the show but had a bad final four garment, over someone with a weak body of work and happened to get lucky in that final four challenge, when the judges are supposed to be judging the garment from that specific challenge.  So change the challenge.  What about having each designer pick the garment they've created during the season that they see as their piece de resistance, and having them create two additional looks for a mini-collection?  Might solve that problem.  What do you think?  How can this madness end?

If it's such a tough decision for them, they can just call me.  I can tell you who I would have sent home.  I don't want to offend by singling anyone out, but her name starts with KENLEY.

Thanks for letting me vent.  Let me know if you think I'm off my rocker.  :)


  1. Holla atcha boy. Or something. Kenley should have been the one to go. I read somewhere that people think because this is the last season with Bravo before PR moves to Lifetime (which is now up in the air, what with the court now involved) that there were rumors of the producers trying to sabotage the show.

    Anyway, did you see the gorgeous shirt Leanne was wearing on the runway? It's gray and has what I think is called a jabot, and she wore it with a pink sashy belt. I must make that shirt!

    Spoiler alert! If you want to see some of the looks from PR contestants at Bryant Park, check this out. At the time of the Bryant Park show, there were still 6 contestants left on air...so all 6 showed at Bryant Park. Of course, they will only show the 3 true finalists on the show. But you get a preview of some of the designs, and get to see Suade and Joe's work as well:

  2. HAHHAHAAAA!! My thoughts exactly!!
    "Her name starts with Kinley"... HILARIOUS!!

  3. THANK YOU for venting. Keeps me from having to write a similar post.
    Yes, yes, and YES to everything you said.
    Annoying gimmick. And annoying Kenley.
    If I have to hear her whiny voice for more than one episode, I shall never wear red lipstick again.

  4. I am totally cracking up right now! your passion is fantastic! I feel the same way about everything you said... except... I think they kept Kenley because they thought Korto's dress was the worst and they didn't want to send her home. In some ways, the fish scale dress was impressive - amazingly crafted and bold. in some ways it was stupid. personally, I haven't agreed with many of the judges decisions this season, so I'm not surprised, but that's my theory anyway.

    make it work!

  5. Kyle, I wasn't even aware that there was some legal stuff going on with the move to Lifetime. I have to dig around and get caught up!

    I am glad to know I am not the only one who is frustrated by this lack of commitment. Tina, I hear you -- and this conundrum speaks to the fact that the final four challenge has an inherent fault, or else they wouldn't have had this problem for three seasons running. It was actually even a problem in season one -- remember Wendy? She only made it to Fashion Week b/c she won the final four challenge, but she was not nearly as talented as Austin Scarlett. How about changing the expectation from a Final Three to a Final Four showing at Fashion Week every year?

    OK, I promise, I'm done. You'll hear no more from me on the topic. :) Love, love. xoxo

  6. I also agree with you and the others above. I love your idea for the mini-collection too. If you send that suggestion into T & Lo from Project Rungay maybe they'll write about it and get people talking.

  7. I agree with Tina in that I think they only kept Kenley so they wouldn't have to auf Korto. Though, frankly, I still thought Korto's dress was better than Kenley's! Yes, the beading was a bad move, but the overall silhouette was much more attractive. I do like your idea about the minicollections though.


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