14 October 2008

Gold Shoe Love

You know I love my oxfords.  I've already blogged a few times about my favorite shoes in the world, my woven leather Chie Miharas.  I bought these gold Frye oxfords after everyone in the world had run out of them, from Frye's winter 07 collection.  I had kept holding out for a size 5.5 but it seemed no one was carrying them.  Anthropologie was the last retailer I could find carrying them, and the smallest size they ever carried was a 6.  I ordered them, found a 5.5 the next day, called Anthro to cancel my order, and gold shoe bliss was mine!

But these are not spring and summer shoes.  They are fall and winter shoes.  As temps in Austin remain in the 90's during the day, I have put off wearing these beauties.  Every time my husband saw them on the floor, waiting for their big moment, he would shake his head in wonderment -- not a fan.  But I remained undeterred.  Even his disapproval did not diminish my growing love for these gold beauties.

At the start of my business trip to Boise on Sunday, I saw my shot and I took it.  Worn with black skinny jeans, a long black sheer tee, and a bright red scarf, the shoes debuted.  They were greeted by those at the airport with a mixture of wonder and amazement.  A few people complimented them enthusiastically.  I wore them to a speakers' reception in Boise Sunday night and had about the same ratio of "I-don't-know-what-to-say-but-wow-how-unusual" and "those are really hot."

I, of course, love them.  Plus, they are even more comfortable (only a 2" heel, I think) than the most perfect shoes in the world, my beloved Chies.  I'll have to make the most of them these next 4 months, before spring arrives.  If you aren't sure yet what to make of them, I think you will soon grow to love them in time.  :)  xoxo


  1. that's amazing that you found the right size the day AFTER you ordered the size you were willing to settle for. that happens to me all the time. sometimes I even force it. I say bring home the gold!

  2. They are absolutely amazing! How lucky you were to find them in the right size. I'm afraid your Chies are facing serious competition!

  3. Ooh, shiny. :)

    Also, I tagged you in a meme... don't feel obligated to do it, though. ;) http://sew-and-so.blogspot.com/2008/10/ive-been-tagged-and-few-minor-setbacks.html

  4. antoinette, where are you? I miss you!


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