28 September 2008

A new fall look for this lil' ol' blog

Even though it doesn't feel like fall here, it surely does in many other parts of the world.  It's evident by the cute fall looks over at my guilty pleasure, Wardrobe Remix.  Plus, wasn't one of those days last week officially the first day of fall?

Seemed the right time to be done with the ultra-summery blog header.

I'd been working on some leaves in Illustrator and couldn't come up with anything I loved.  So I snagged a free-for-non-commercial-use graphic, changed up the colors to be autumn-ish, and went wild.  Plus, I found a tutorial to change this blog template from 2 columns into 3 (via How About Orange) and here we are!

BTW, the two-column thing seemed very awkward visually with photos.  That's better now, but it feels a tiny bit crowded.

Still haven't sewn in a while -- I really miss it -- but I'm working a bunch for a few more weeks.  I'm trying to focus on quick alterations and embellishments, and making some progress on WIP's instead of trying to tackle a refashion or sewing project from scratch.  It's also great to see what everyone's up to and get some inspiration (any of you see the fruits of Kyle's very productive recent sewing weekend?).  Hope to be sharing more sewing goodness with you soon. 


  1. Wow, Antoinette! Love the new header! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. nice re-design of the blog! and this little comment window is super - I can still see the original post. I'm still playing with my blog design. I just started in January, really, so I'll probably get crazy with it a few more times...

    Happy Fall!

  3. I like the new look. I wish it felt more like fall here too. But the heat just drags on...
    Some day it'll be cold. (and then I'll wish it was hot again :) )


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