27 September 2008

How lucky am I...

... for my pal, SewnistaInTheMaking?  Oh, so very lucky...  She lives in Brooklyn and works in the fashion industry and sends me sweet goodness like these lightweight knit and chiffon solids and prints:

And these tricot nuggets, perfect for the slips and camisoles I really need to make for myself:

You thought that was all?  Ms. Mica also sent these silky charmeuse solids, so I have no more excuses for not sewing up those lovely evening dress patterns I have so many of:

You are too good to me, miss.  I can't wait till I am stationed back at home base for a few consecutive weeks so I can tackle a project worthy of these lovely sweeties you have sent me!  Thank you, Mica!!!  xo


  1. swapping is such a great idea! I set up my booth and sold at a craft fair today and at the end of the day my girlfriend and I traded - she needed one of my hats and I needed one of her oil cloth makeup bags. trading can be more exciting than buying/selling because there's no commerce involved... it's like the old days with the barter system.

  2. So glad you liked it all!!
    Have fun!!


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