15 September 2008

International Wear a Dress Day/ Week 2008

One of the blogs I love to read is A Dress A Day, and on behalf of dress makers and dress lovers everywhere, Erin has declared today International Wear a Dress Day.  In fact, in a bold statement of her sartorial influence she has declared this week International Wear a Dress Week.  She's created a Flickr pool for people to upload pictures of themselves wearing their dresses this week.  I've joined and encourage you to join the International Wear a Dress Day/ Week 2008 Flickr pool.  As of 8 a.m. CDT Monday, there are already about 10 dresses there.  

I'm not 100% sure, but I think she's really looking for dresses you've sewn yourself.  And there are some amazing dresses out there!:

* Mica, I know you've got a few cute little numbers to choose from.
* Tina, any of your amazing and beautiful couture or not refashions would be great!  This one at left is probably my favorite. (photo from glam.spoon)
* Sarah, I love that inked dress but I know you have many options.

I haven't called out every great dress from every talented sewing homey out there, but I know there are a bunch.  Sounds like Erin will blog some of the dresses that catch her attention.  If you have sewn everything BUT a dress for yourself, get sewing!  You have till Friday to add your picture to the pool.  Let me know if you end up participating so I can find your dress in the pool!

It will be so great to get inspired by the many amazing dresses around the world that will show up.  I think I will wear a self-made dress every day this week, and post my pictures both in the pool and here on the blog.  Have fun -- I know I will!  xo


  1. ooo, I Love that dress pictured too. . . might even work with my bigger hips & lack of breasticles.. .

  2. thanks for the shout out girl! would you believe, I *am* wearing a dress today without even knowing about the declaration!? intuition I guess. that means i could go 5 for 5 this week...

  3. Scrappinfor3, I bet that dress is amazing for lots of body types, and thanks for introducing me to the term "breasticles"! LOL I am not sure if it's for sale but I'm hoping the lovely Tina will at least model it for us during International Dress Week 2008 -- hint, hint! You gals are great -- hope to see you in dresses this week!

  4. Funnily enough, I was planning on wearing the "Inked" dress tomorrow to celebrate "Wear a Dress Week" (since I don't have to go out in public today)...


  5. Thanks for the shout out! I will try to wear a dress tomorrow and see if I can either coerce a coworker into taking my picture, or try the self-timer myself!


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