13 September 2008

Refashion 7: Plaid Sleeveless Top from Boys Button Down Shirt

Thank you, commenters, for your great suggestions for my last refashion -- the Nurse Ratched Shirtdress!  Your ideas were very helpful.  In looking through my closet, I realized that I have very little white, because it's not really me.  I'm definitely dyeing it, and am simply waiting for inspiration to hit as to what color.  I'd love a fall color, like teal or mustard or plummy wine.  After dyeing, I think I will add some embroidery a la Sarah's dress tattoo or reverse applique like many pieces in glam.spoon's fall collection (see the skirt sections in particular for great examples of beautiful reverse applique) -- or both!  Some of the other suggestions sound intriguing but require me to develop extra skills while I'm in instant gratification mode.  I'll post photos at the next stage of the dress' life.

Funny that the first Nurse Ratched post was picked up by Craft Magazine's blog!  I had no idea until Kim of Sassy Crafter left a note in her comment cluing me in.  It's a really nice mention.  :)

So onto the next refashion, which comes to us courtesy of the thrift store Savers: a new sleeveless top from a boys plaid button down shirt.  (I'm not sure what's gotten into me!  I'm all about the plaid these days.  I think I picked up about 5 other plaid shirts to refashion.)  

With the heat still sweltering here in Austin and no relief from nearby hurricanes, a sleeveless top with lots of breathing room made the most sense.  I'd had an idea for a yoked top but wanted the non-sleeves to be kind of ruched so that they could be worn on the shoulder or the edge of the ruching could be pulled down over the shoulder like a cap sleeve.  Then I happened upon this adorable little girls dress at Des Aiguilles Et Du Fil and saw exactly where I was going.  (If you have a few extra moments to poke around the site, you will see some of the most beautifully sewn and knit garments I have ever seen.  Those sweaters are items that I couldn't dream of making and would probably spend lots of money buying!  Lucky for us, she blogs in French and English.  She is soooo talented.)

I was ready to wing it until I found Simplicity 2931 in my stash -- the yoke and bodice had the right style and ease -- so I got to it a couple of days ago.  It was quick to put together and works for me.  It's kind of like my third refashion, where it can give people the impression I'm expecting if I go beltless, but it looks as decent as anything I'd buy RTW, it's comfortable, and I know I'll wear it often.  Oh!  And I might have saved another shirt from the landfill.  So all is well and I'm plotting the next refashion on the list...

And while you're here, it's worth mentioning that although we got zero rain in Austin from Hurricane Ike, areas along the coast have been devastated.  Please say an extra prayer, or send extra-healing vibes in your meditation, or simply keep everyone affected in your thoughts...


  1. so cute! both of them.
    And Savers, sigh. We used to have one around here. No longer.
    I can't wait to see what winter-time creations you're going to come up with.

  2. ooh, and now I see what reverse applique is, by looking at this skirt:

    I think it's very very cool and agree with other commenters that it would be a great direction to take for your nurse dress.

  3. OMG! THAT is so cute! LOve it! Now to find extra time for my refashioning. . .

  4. I like your shirt a lot! I also noticed the previous men's shirt refashion was posted on oneprettything.com yesterday! I'm glad Ike left you unscathed =)

  5. you have the uncanny ability to turn a very hum drum little shirt into a wardrobe staple! kudos to you and your shirt refashions. :) and I'm glad to hear you did not suffer any Ike-like weather, and will keep the coastal texans in my thoughts.

  6. Thank You for inspiration ! I like Your site very much. special the refachion !!

  7. I'm late chiming in but I had to say that this shirt is just absolutely darling. (Not that I'm surprised, given your other wonderful creations.) Thanks for reminding me of how much untapped possibility is waiting at every thrift store!


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