16 September 2008

International Wear a Dress Week: Day 2

We just didn't have our act together to take a picture of yesterday's dress.  Knowing that this may happen again tonight, I braved the self-timer on the camera after I dropped Louis off at school this morning and took a few shots to post in the Flickr pool for International Wear a Dress Week.  The shot of me looking reasonably content in the Trifle Ruffle Denim Dress (left) shows no detail or color contrast so I had to edit another shot with better lighting but a very stressed look on my face (below).

I will have to come up with a better plan tomorrow.  What?  I don't know.  Maybe I will wait until later in the day to take the photo, or maybe I will wrangle up a friend to take it for me.  With daylight savings, the sun rises so late in the day and it's usually cloudy in the morning anyway.  And did I mention it was 64 degrees when I woke up and is supposed to top out at 83 degrees today?  Despite all signs to the contrary, Austin may get a fall season this year after all.  Yay!


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