15 August 2008

For shame!

Well, not so much shame as disbelief:  Has it been a whole week since I've posted? And about a week since I've sewn??? I haven't been here recently enough to see that Blogger/ Google has changed the dashboard we see when we log on to post! That's too long.

I realized tonight that all has not been lost: Even though I haven't been sewing much I have definitely been (inadvertently) planning out my next moves. I plan to finish 4 more shirt refashions before the end of the month. The first two will be similar to each other and the final two will be made from the same pattern, with one a tunic version and the other a dress. At least, this is the plan.

My friend Stephanie grabbed a few neglected shirts from her husband's closet this week for me and it finally got my creative juices flowing again! I wanted to post some cool pics from Wardrobe Remix over at Flickr, but apparently the four favorites I wanted to share don't want to be shared. So I'm moving onto Plan C for my post...

Do you remember my beloved Chie Mihara woven leather shoes?
n, period. I have loved shoes in the past, but these are my true love, from a very pure and unconditional place. (I would LOL here, but I'm almost completely sincere! Not much irony!)

Well, I saw today that Urban Outfitters is carrying a knock-off of these perfect shoes at a much lower price point and a much higher heel. I really don't know if I will ever in my life wear a 4" heel, but I might be curious enough to wander down to my local UO to try them on...


  1. the "shootie" (shoe - bootie) is very popular this year. and I do find them very comfortable... but maybe not 4 inch heels.

  2. Oh, another Chie Mihara lover! Nice to meet you, I've just discovered your blog and I'm working my way through the archives...


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