07 August 2008

"Republic of CocktailLand"

Say what you will about Michael Kors, but I confidently proclaim that the man has a great eye and is generous about bons mots, such as (referring to this shiny number at left):

"I don't know... she's from... the Republic of CocktailLand?"

Oh, my. That sound bite will certainly make it to some mash-up retrospective during the reunion episode at the end of the season.

And isn't Michael Kors' belly laugh just the most contagious thing ever? I bet his mother still smiles when she hears it to this day!

Not sure I am keen on Blayne's overall aesthetic, but I love the contrast between the fully covered shoulder and arm and the fully exposed shoulder and arm. I don't normally dig asymmetrical bodices but I like this and I would consider wearing something like that.

I thought there were pretty strong contenders for winners last night. All of the top 3 designs were cool, esp. Terri's full wardrobe ensem. I am especially amazed at how FAST she can put her garments together! I might have been able to finish one of those three main pieces in the same amount of time she completed the whole outfit.

You can't see much detail from the picture at left of Leanne's creation, but I really liked this one and thought maybe it would be a top 3. Not only could I see myself wearing something like this, it's close to a few ideas I've dreamed up in my head. I like the empire/ almost natural waist emphasis and peplum. In fact, I think after I'm over the ruffles the peplum is my next obsession.

All photos from Bravotv.com.


  1. He does give some good one-liners, doesn't he? I still giggle about episode one where he declared Jerry's outfit to be the things someone would wear to kill someone.

    Was also a big fan of Terri's outfit, and I'm glad she made it into the top 3. And Blayne's outfit wasn't bad... my biggest complaint about him this week was not knowing what Sgt. Pepper referred to!

  2. Hilarious. Yes, Michael Kors does make me laugh but I think Tim is still my favorite.
    I also liked Leannes's outfit best and was surprised it didn't make top 3.
    And yes, half-way through the show I was SO done with Blayne. His outfit was looking (again) horrible and he was just plain annoying. But then his model came out and I thought, huh, that's really cute. Um, way to go Annoying Blayne.
    I love this show.

  3. So...you are continuing to improve my sewing vocab--is the peplum the funky extended collar bit?

    And did you see what the Netherlands athletes wore to the Opening Ceremonies? I love the color combo...now I might need to make something with white piping...sigh!


  4. Becky, the sad truth about Jerry's outfit is that it did look like it came from the set of a horror movie! Too bad, as I liked what they showed of Jerry's work outside of PR.

    Dana, I couldn't agree more that Blayne wasn't my favorite at the start. In fact, he was my un-fave-licious. But he is growing on me. Unlike Suede I don't think Blayne takes himself too seriously! And Blayne's whole leatha' tirade with Stella a few weeks ago made me laugh so hard! "I love leatha'... my husband is made of leatha'... my kids came out of me leatha'..." or whatever he said. Priceless!

    Kyle, the peplum is the flouncy part that goes from the waist to the hip. I guess I have only seen peplums on tops with natural waistlines -- not on empire waist or dropped waist garments. I have been thinking a lot about the natural waist and how maybe I should be transitioning my garments from empire (which has been everywhere these past few years) to a natural waist. At first I thought it was the next obvious waistline in fashion. Now I think it just looks best on me so it's time to accept that and move on, LOL! I will post a couple of pics later with my beloved peplums.

  5. Oh! And Kyle, I clicked over to the link you sent of the Netherlands folks -- I've never been brave enough to tackle piping but I hope you make a run of it this fall! You can teach me all about it... The color combo is very fresh. I think their national color is orange?

  6. Oh, I agree about Jerry's outfit. The rubber gloves just took it way too far into the realm of a movie worthy only of the Mystery Science Theater treatment.

    And I liked Alison-- I was sorry to see her go. And was very excited to find out that she's now on staff at BurdaStyle! Writing a column on their blog about upcycling.

  7. I love hearing Michael Kors crack up - remember last season's laugh montage? that was fantastic.

    Did I tell you I have a betting pool going for PR? I've done it three seasons in a row, and last year I nearly won. This year, after episode 6, no points yet.


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