10 March 2008

Seeds: Green & Brown

I want to do a better job of capturing those little seeds -- ideas or concepts or bits of inspiration that make themselves known, or ring true for a moment. I may put them away, figuratively in my mind or literally in my inspiration book or sketchpad, and come back to them later. When creation happens and I wonder where I originally got the idea, I can usually find or remember a seed that was planted, sometimes months or even years earlier.

Today being the first day of spring break and with it being completely wet outside, Louis and I got some paper mache going and the decorative hole punches. I grabbed an old copy of Elle Decor and we got punching any pages with interesting colors or textures. Putting the punches into an envelope for some undefined future use, I couldn't help but notice a lot of soft green and creamy coffee shades. Signs of bring ready for spring? Seeds planted? Don't know, but now I have photographic evidence of the original inspiration of some project that has yet to be created.

1 comment:

  1. That turned out beautifully. I love that idea, seeds...

    Thanks for the great idea for my son's room! I like the idea of the dark denim, a lot.


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