19 March 2008

Oh, Canada...

It was 95 degrees in Austin on Friday. On Monday, I was in snow in Toronto. Big difference.

And the trip to Toronto... I really love this city and planned to get in early the day before a training I was conducting this week to see a tiny bit on personal time. My flight got cancelled Monday morning and my only solution to get to Toronto was to drive to Houston and hop a plane to Toronto through Minneapolis. It was the longest day I've had in a long time and I was nervous the whole time I wouldn't get there in time for my class. But I did, so in the end all is well!

Big lesson, or maybe big reminder: I control nothing in this world!

I'm working on a project involving embroidery floss and took some pics of random spools strewn across the desk before the sun set this evening. My little old digital Elph may struggle with artificial light, but it can still take some decent pics with natural sunlight. Here's green showing up again.

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