20 March 2008

Sartorialist and FutureSex/LoveSounds

I've got the pre-early-flight insomnia (will I wake up in time to make my flight? If I fall asleep right now, I'll get 6.25 hours of sleep!). So I catch up on my blog-reading and listen to tunes. Specifically, The Sartorialist, which I only seem to visit when I am on the road, so I basically catch up on a month's worth of photos. Looks like he's been in India since I last checked in, which has been a neat change of pace from New York, Hong Kong, and various locations in Europe. Being a big Scandinavia fan, his sojourns to Sweden last year were cool, but India is a whole new level of cool. With spring already in Austin for the last month, I'm in the mood for all the unapologetically bright color I'm seeing on this blog.

And my musical companion tonight? Justin Timberlake's famous album, which is really for adult ears only and I'm careful not to listen to when my little one is around. A year ago I would freely admit that the gender-ambiguous tone of Justin's voice was quite UN-FutureSex-y, but now I can say these songs have grown on me.

And on my sewing mind are easy, breezy dresses for the long spring/ summer that global warming is bringing to Austin. Blueprint had a great feature on summer dresses in 2007, and this one keeps popping in my head as inspiration for an easy , interesting dress with great shape and volume. Time to get home and start sewing again, I guess.

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