06 January 2008

Sewing Pattern Review: Betsy Ross 003 Fancy Pants

This was the first commercial pattern I ever sewed a garment from, in September 2006! I didn't have much of an idea what I was doing, so when things didn't go exactly as I hoped they would, I improvised. Not so successfully, I might add. Read the full review at PatternReview.com.

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  1. Hey! Saw your review on PR, and wanted to give you some encouragement... I have sewn for ages and am pretty experienced at altering patterns, picking sizes, etc, and had a near identical experience as you with a Besty Ross pattern (Charmed Dress). the proportions were bizarre, the sizing of pattern pieces had no relation to the sizing indicated on the envelope, it just wasn't well drafted. I agree that the Fancy Pants is a great style---and I bet you can find a near identical pattern from one of the more reliable brands.


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