08 January 2008

McCall M2029: A-line skirt

This skirt was sewn from the first commercial pattern I learned to sew The Right Way back in Sept. 2006, as opposed to the messed up, trial-by-error method I'd been failing with in previous years. It was a dream to sew up, with only 3 pattern pieces. Selecting the right size is pretty much a constant challenge for me, and I sewed this skirt several sizes too big. It doesn't look bad until the skirt starts rotating around my waist and the back zipper is right where my side seam should be. Sheesh.

Key skills I learned:
1. How to sew a garment based on a commercial pattern!
2. Interfacing - just for the waistband
3. Stitch-in-the-ditch - again, in sewing in the waistband

The full review of M2029 is at PatternReview.com.

I am excited to post a new review later this week of a Simplicity Built By Wendy pattern. What's exciting is that I hated it the first time I sewed it up, learned my lessons, and went back in again to create a garment I will love wearing! More soon.

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