15 January 2008

Contrast: Festen and A Good Year

Well, A Good Year -- on HBO, just happened to catch it. A cute little ditty. Maybe the male equivalent of that Diane Lane movie, Under the Tuscan Sun. Fun, sweet, harmless, requiring zero thought. Maybe a little eye candy at Russell Crowe's gun show. Cool.

Then tonight, on Sundance, a little mind candy called Festen. I am a HUGE fan of Scandinavian cinema, and this little Dogme 95 film blew my mind the first time I saw it, may years ago now. Tonight it blows my mind again. Still some eye candy, with a highly Danish Ulrich Thomsen, jagged cheekbones and blond hair and all, but with a compelling, meaningful storyline. Denial is a powerful thing. This movie is beautiful.

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