15 January 2008

Vogue 2091: Knit dress

This was my first knit dress, sewed up early last spring, with only four pattern pieces. This is perfect for my lazy cutting preferences. (Perhaps I can call them "no-hassle" instead of lazy. Doesn't that sound a little more flattering???)

Anyway, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. If I look at it closely, I can find a hundred little things I'm not thrilled with, like the icky topstitching (how do you topstitch well on a slinky, stretchy knit?). But when you stand back and just see the finished garment, it looks just about as good as any comparable dress I could buy off the rack.

Full review of Vogue 2091 knit dress at patternreview.com.


  1. Did you top stitch using a twin needle? That makes all the difference with knits!

    Your dress looks lovely, by the way. There's nothing like a red dress!


  2. I have a few little doodads to get for my machine, including the twin needle. Thanks for the reminder... I was going to order a rolled hem foot and an invisible zipper foot from sears.com soon. I'll be sure to add the twin needle thingy, too.


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