24 April 2011

211. Easter + Earth Day Shirt from the remnant bin!

Happy Easter!  Happy Earth Day!  And Happy Birthday to my boy, whose birthday overshadows everything within a 1-week vicinity:

There's something about a sewing challenge that I especially love.  When I have enough fabric, when the pattern is a perfect fit out of the envelope, when the stars all shine down on a project, I kind of get bored.  Sometimes I'm so bored I don't even start!  Ridiculous.  A few months back, I purchased a yard remnant of Alexander Henry cotton from the remnant bin at The Common Thread, because it was really cute, and a few days later I found a half yard of gray cotton with white polka dots from the remnant bin at Hancock.  Even though they were both quilting cottons, I knew they were destined to become one in the form of a shirt -- nee, a statement shirt -- somehow, from those two meager remnants.

It's basically Simplicity 4179, with a modified front placket, longer length, and no back darts.  It's an Easter shirt because of the crazy hen/ rooster print, and an Earth Day shirt because it was made from the leftovers of two bolts of fabric (and vintage buttons from a recent estate sale button bag purchase -- score!).  It's yet another article of clothing that kind of makes ME look like an 8-year-old, but hey.  In another 10 years I will look insane wearing it, so for now, no sweat.  ;)

BTW any ideas on why the top of the placket rolls forward?  Is my interfacing for the collar too stiff?  Is the interfacing on the front placket too floppy?  Have a super week!


  1. No clue about the placket, but I LOVE every last bit of this goodness!!!

  2. Super super cute - I'm not sure if I understand the problem with the packet but did the pattern call for a smaller button higher up? Could be the button is too low and the weight of the binding is pulling it forward... that is, if I understand the problem correctly!

    Nice to see you are still in the blogging business!

  3. Super cute shirt! I love the fabric combination and the collar.

  4. I think Maryanna may be right about the button position. It can also be the way it is trimmed on the inside. Super cute fabrics at any rate.

  5. Cute shirt. Has been a while since you've posted or I have I been missing you. In ten years, you'll fabulous wearing this top.

  6. well, when i saw you wearing that fab top i made a mental note...'need more jazzy tops like atp wears'!!! for real.

    love love love love it.

    and love the way the placket rolls - makes it look even more retro.

  7. I wish I could wear super-cute youth-quake styles like that. But they really don't go with my wrinkles.

  8. I love that! The fabric reminds me of a dress my mom made for my sister when she was a toddler. My girls refused to wear it though, I was so sad. But it is kinda itchy.
    Anyway, I think that shirt is great and just wish I had a personality big enough for it.

  9. i want this shirt. so bad!!!! every little thing about it is making me feel happy. the chickens, the polka dots, the yellow binding, the buttons, your craftsmanship....eeeeek. the collar. wow. now i need to see you waring it, doing your thing around the house, or whatever you do in it.

    happy birthday too!!!!

  10. Loving this rooster/polka fabric combo! cock-a-doodle-doo!

  11. Cute shirt and Happy Belated Birthday to your son.

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  13. How did I miss this post the first time, I don't know! but it was very cool to see this shirt live and in person!!

  14. I love this cute shirt..great pairing of fabrics!


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