21 July 2010

200. A Meme from Jessica

Jessica from A Yen for Craft tagged me last month with an 8 questions meme.  I don't think there are any hard and fast rules with this meme.  I'm always interested in other people's responses, so if you want to play along, please post the meme on your blog, and leave me a link here in the comments so I will be sure to read and learn more about you!

1) What is your favorite "me time" activity?
I enjoy my "me time" no matter what I'm doing!  Obvz. sewing, participating in sewing meetups, reading, doodling, travelling, going to sing-along nights at a local theater with my mom friends about once a quarter...

2) Favorite made-by-you item?
I like to wear my dresses a whole, whole lot, and I've sewn many dresses the past few years.  Here are a few:

The refashioned shirts also get a lot of wear -- very comfy.

3) What is your "crap I have no time but must make something to eat" go-to meal? [Jessica says: I need more of these in my repertoire and am shamelessly hoping for new ideas!]
An avocado.   I can eat a whole avocado, in one sitting, by myself.  Piggish, I know.  But I don't do that often.  Before I went vegan in April, it was a fried egg and avocado sandwich, on toasted bread, slathered with a layer of mayo.  Now it's a hummus and avocado sandwich.

Avocado is a superfood, so if I'm going to pig out on something, it might as well be a superfood.  Sometimes I'll throw on fresh veggies, a slice of soy cheese, and/ or a vegan boca burger patty, but hummus and avocado are tasty and filling all by themselves.

For Jessica, my simple and best hummus recipe: throw one 16-oz can of garbanzo beans, 2 cloves garlic, the juice of one lemon, salt, pepper, a handful of cashews, and some of the reserve bean liquid into a blender and whip it on up.  Easy, tasty (very garlicky), and good for you.

4) One way you've changed that would seem most surprising to the other people attending your high school reunion?
I'm sooooo much more laid back.  I think I was a pretty angry teenager much of the time, and very Type A.  I was almost 30 when I finally chilled out.

5) When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A private investigator.  So influenced by 80's TV.

6) The next craft you want to learn?
Do I have to pick another?  ;)  I can knit and crochet but rarely enjoy either.  I wouldn't call it a craft, per se, but I'd love to get better on Adobe Illustrator for actual illustration.  Also not necessarily considered a craft, but I may finally this summer get a new lens for my camera, which could open up whole new areas of photography for me.

7) Do you like having your photo taken? Why/not?
I don't mind so much anymore, as evidenced by my lackluster effort to gussy up for blog photos ("I think I have some tinted lip balm around here... somewhere...  Guess I won't find it today.").  As I get older, authenticity of emotion matters more to me than any technicality.  I hate photos of me with fake smiles, period.  I prefer a nonsmiling photo (even if it's blurry) rather than one with me sporting a fake smile.

8) Current favorite color combination?
Who needs a combo when you have black?


  1. Any "me time" is my favorite "me time"

    I don't have time to learn a new craft but if i did it would be scrapbooking just to learn the composition skills

    I have mixed feelings about photos of myself, it depends on who's taking it. For instance, my father has a rare knack for snapping a photo while people are talking and their lips are in a formation as though they are starting to say the word "should". Yeah, not very flattering!

  2. Yeay!!! I love this!!!

    1) Sing along nights! Where have I been? Those sound like so much fun.
    2) LOVE those dresses.
    3) Avocadoes!!!!! [These deserve two extra !'s]. I, too, can eat an entire one in one setting :-). Used to eat it toasted on bread with cheese ... and then I ditched the cheese, too much effort to crack open the cheese drawer in the fridge, you know? But thanks for the hummus recipe, my brother and I were just talking about finding a good recipe for hummus!
    4) I am looking forward to chilling out when I turn to 30. Actually, there is so much about 30 that I am looking forward to.
    5) PI!!! Awesomeness + a half.
    6) Illustration and photograph definitely count :-).
    7) Hahaha ... not terribly into black myself, but it works well on others.

  3. I agree that authenticity of emotion matters more than technicality..

    "Who needs a combo when you have black?" Exactly!! :)

  4. I did not know you were a vegan. And you and I have a very different idea of greedy I would think NOTHING of eating a whole avocado.. although it does explain some notable differences in our silhouettes..

    oh good old Magnum PI - you know we all had crushes on him when we were slips of girls and now I look at him and think,"I had no idea he was so old."

  5. But you have such a happy and intoxicating smile...you look so bright and light-behind-your-eyes when you smile! Well, I like your smile!

  6. This was a fun read! And your comment about color combos really made me laugh.

  7. i am SO SO SO with you on loathing the fake smile. i can't stand them. hence why i hardly ever get a photo of myself smiling in to the camera. maybe i need to start listening to a comedian when i do self portraits to get a real one out of me...

    and i just bought 10 avocados!! for guac, but still, i love them so insanely much. did you know when they start to feel ripe, if you are not ready to eat them yet, they store in the fridge very nicely and stop ripening. i just learned that last year. .

    i want to do this meme. i'll come back and let you know when i do....

  8. I love getting to know you better with these q&a sessions, but can't wait till you're here in person!
    p.s. I could eat a whole avocado too.

  9. I so love the the 60s vibe on that dress on the far right - it's the collar and one day I'm gonna make me a dress just like it!
    Avocados are one of my favourite things but they are really expensive in NZ even in summer.
    How is the veganism working out for you? I've considered it - starting by giving up dairy - but know I don't have the nutritional nouse (nor the motivation) to find all the beans I'd need to stay healthy. Plus, the boy is a relatively conservative eater...

  10. ok. i just did this meme. fun!

  11. I recently discovered hummus and apples are really, really good together.


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