25 May 2010

196. Hotlanta

This brief update is coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia, USA!  This is a quick work trip without my family, which means I fly in, teach the 2-day class, and fly home.  Barely 60 hours will have elapsed from leaving my doorstep to returning to it.  A few quick observations:

I will need to put all my "cloud pics taken from airplanes" in one Flickr set.  It doesn't seem natural that one person could love clouds so much.  I never get tired of seeing those clouds from above -- the happiness and peace and contentment always feel fresh to me.

I started this book as our plane left Austin, and I literally read the last page as our plane pulled into its gate in Atlanta.  Funny, effortless, quick read.  Don't know that a lot of it will stay in my memory, but I learned a whole lot about Mennonites.

Finally, upon walking into my hotel bathroom, I noticed this:

I followed the directional arrow, peered a little lower, and saw this:

Taking into account the minimalist decor in the rest of the room, I presume the whole point of putting the toilet tissue under the cabinet was to preserve lack of visual clutter.  And since guests couldn't see it, the hotel had to label the cabinet?  (Actually, I think it was part minimalist decor and part not enough functional width in the restroom.  Still a little goofy if you ask me.)

I've learned that Hotlanta isn't so hot in May. In fact, today was perfect, sunny, green, and allergy-free!  Hope to get some "hot" sewing done, like a Kyle-inspired version of this McCall's 1-hour dress.


  1. Have a good time! I'll be there tomorrow. Hope you get a chance to stop by Gail K Fabrics! That's my FIRST stop lol.

  2. i take cloud photos too! at the bare minimum, one per (plane) trip.

  3. "hotlanta" is freakish hot in august with high temps and high humidity. may is not so bad. i i grew up outside of ATL and now live about 90 minutes from ATL. summers are HOT in GA, but not as hot as they are in TX.

  4. Hey,
    do you know Alfred Stieglitz and his "Equivalents"? He took pictures of clouds to show that it doesn´t need a special model or something for a great picture, just clouds. They´re awesome! So, please go on photographing out of the window!
    All the best

  5. Oh, so close yet so far away!
    Plus I'm going to check out Adrienne's fabric store suggestion - thanks!

  6. I went today! I'll HAD a ball and got some *GORGEOUS makes you want to fall out and wrap up in it fabric *lol.

  7. 11 years ago I lived within walking distance of Gail K. I Don't remember it though, wonder if it was there then. Still, I'm not too far from it now! I see a trip in the fall (during school hours) in my future!
    (Don't laugh, Antoinette, true I rarely get to sew and when I do it's not stellar, but I LOVE fabric!)

  8. OMG about the toilet paper sign. I totally would think I'm on candid camera.

    Thanks for the shoutout! The inaugural wearing of the HOT dress is tmw! Stay tuned!

  9. i'm a super huge airplane cloud photo lover too.

  10. Hi Antoinette

    Well we finally chucked out our old modem and got a new one which means I can finally link into your site. Well it sounds like you are very busy so a little peace and quiet and cloud spotting is just the ticket.

  11. @Adrienne - Sadly, there was no time to spare for fabric shopping. I am glad you went for me! LOL

    @quelle - Ah! I will see if I can find any of your cloud photos on your blog.

    @bookwormbethie - It was so very beautiful and perfect in ATL. It even got cool at night. Lucky lucky.

    @Britten - After reading your comment, I took a bunch of cloud photos on the flights home and posted them on Flickr. When I checked out Stiglitz' collection and read more about them, I realized that they were so groundbreaking because he intended for them to be as abstract as possible. Mine are not, but I love those clouds anyway! Thanks for the tip.

    @Sarah - I am sorry I missed you! Next trip to the ATL I will try to make more personal time.

    @Kyle - INSANE toilet tissue sign. So how did the first flight of the HOT dress go?

    @heather - Bet your cloud photos are something else! Would love to see them.

    @Mary Nanna - I have missed you! I do see you on your blog though. So happy you've got new equipment that allows you full freedom on these interwebs. I hope to sew and post more often now that summer break is almost here.

  12. Absolutely horrified that (1) I missed this post and (2) that I missed you in Atlanta! Next time, we take YOU to the Varsity, and then you and Dana can exchange notes on the FO (which I feel fairly certain is a frozen ice-cream-like beverage but contains no actual dairy of any kind).


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