30 April 2009

136. Pop Quiz answer and an Earth Day class project

The answer to yesterday's pop quiz is: You never know!  I appreciate all your comments, and have had similar ideas and strategies.  It's really a universal experience, isn't it?

You probably guessed I was in line when I wrote that post, and this time I chose the faster cashier with million-item-cart-lady ahead of me.  By the time my cashier got to wrapping the breakables, she signaled a nearby back-up cashier to open a third checkout lane, and I got served right away, to my pleasant surprise!  This almost never happens.  Like some of you, I inevitably pick what ends up being the slowest line, no matter how much or how little thought I put into the choice.

This long checkout line scenario, almost no matter the day or time of day, is one of the reason I avoid the craft store except for that inevitable, once-a-quarter purchase.

Thank you for playing along and commenting!  

This is for Cindy and I'll be quick.  Last week I worked on an Earth Day project with Louis' class.  Each child brought in an outgrown t-shirt they wanted to give new life as a reusable bag.  Two weeks prior, I started receiving the first of the bags and prepping them by:
  1. Cutting out rectangles based on the size of the shirt and orientation of the design, if any.
  2. Sewing 3/8" twill tape to the top of the rectangles to reinforce where the handles would be attached.
  3. Cutting and sewing grosgrain ribbon handles to each rectangle.
Another mom brought her machine to the "sewing station" we set up in class, and we helped the kids sew the three seams to create their reusable fabric bags.  It took about 50 minutes for the two of us to work with about 18 kids.  The bags turned out cute, and the kids were sooooo excited!  Here are a few:


  1. super super super cute idea!!! love it!!!

  2. and i love that you used grosgrain ribbon for the handles, making it easier for all involved...i may try that someday!

  3. I love these bags! Super cute and perfect for this age group. And using a mens button down shirt [from what it appears in the last photo] - oh man, do I need another excuse to go looking for those in the thrift shops?

  4. it's true, you never do know. My other true frustrating experience comes from the checkout stand of my local Hancock fabrics... their computer system is so old and crashes each and every time I try to buy something, that I go out of my way to bring cash with me.

  5. thanks Antoinette!! I am a bit behind on my blog reading and just discovered your post--thank you. The reuse project is so cute!! I am making a copy for next year. This was a lot of work for you!! I will give you all the credit when I copy it!

  6. That's such a great idea. I think I will be doing this in the future. I love this idea. How old were the kids? Just trying to get a feel for when this is appropriate since you allowed them to sew.


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