28 April 2009

135. Pop Quiz

You are at the craft store, which you normally avoid, for the one bona fide craft item you need this quarter. The checkout line on the left has four customers ahead of you, a few items each, with the slowest cashier in recent history. The line on your right has a fast cashier with one customer ahead of you, with a cartful of Easter clearance items, some breakable. Which checkout line do you choose?

Answer coming in next post.


  1. In my case, it all depends upon how cranky I already am and if I have a book with me or if there is a magazine rack near by.

  2. Is a few under five items or is it between five and ten?

    Most cash registers are now computerized, so I think, the speed is mostly dependent on how fast a cashier can bag items and what type of payment a customer will use, particularly if a customer has to count exact change.

    Hopefully, no customer on the left disputes a price, and the cashier is well trained in diplomacy.

    If the left checkout line with four customers have in their hands easy to bag items, considering also that no price is disputed or no one is diplomacy deficient, then I think this line would go faster.

    The cashier on the right will have to wrap the breakables in paper and carefully place them in a bag or a box, that is, if the manager cannot help speed the process.

  3. That is a wild card...I am impatient with s-l-o-w cashiers...especially when they want to chit chat! I would go with the the short line and speedy worker!!

    I love your idea about recycling clothes for your son's class!! Not that I want to take on more volunteering but I need to file that idea for next year!! Love to hear of the projects.

  4. always, ALWAYS, the fast cashier. It's a sure thing. I value skill over opportunity. But the real question is why do you "normally avoid" the craft store?? :)

  5. I just realized that I took this pop quiz waaaayyy too seriously.

  6. I choose the fast cashier because I'd feel like progress was being made.

    Pete chooses the slow cashier because it's like having a progress bar, he says. He also says he likes standing around.

    I love the yellow shirt but I don't think it would fit me. :)

    I love that you enjoyed the Widnes joke. I was cracking myself up. Apparently there are red squirrels somewhere in England. I haven't seen a red squirrel before, but I was oddly attracted to the red squirrel cross-stitch kit. The clerk said that is their most popular cross-stitch kit, and I bought the last one!!

  7. Slow lane! Can't discount the additional time breakable items will add. The last time I was at Joann Fabrics, this happened and I choice the fast cashier. Not only did the breakable items take time, some ended up breaking right there and the customer had to run to get 2 more!

  8. For me, it doesn't matter. No matter which line I pick, it will be the slowest. I call it bad line karma - I must have done something incredibly rude in line in a past life, so I'm getting paid back in spades.

    Guaranteed! the person in front of me will be paying by third party check from a bank in Yemen.

  9. I'm with everyone who says the wrong one. I couldn't pick a quick line if my life depended on it.

  10. Yep, it doesn't matter which one you pick, it will be the wrong one! HAHA! Now, what would happen if all of us who always pick the wrong line were in line at the same time?


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