25 January 2009

108. My trip to Ottawa!

There were several comments on the last refashion requesting a tutorial for a quick shirt refashion!  I'm back home now for a few weeks so I'll see what I can do.  :)  In the meantime, here are a quick few photos and notes from my Ottawa trip last week.

I must have said, "It's so cold!" about ten million times when I was there.  And it was!  The coldest I recall experiencing before I went there was 10 degrees F.  The morning I left, it was -2.2 degrees F!  

Here's the view from the air, as we landed.  If you can zoom in far enough, there's a farm in the upper left third of the photo that you can see pretty clearly.  Snow was everywhere:

I worked during the day every day I was there, so there were not too many great opportunities to take photos of the snow up close.  The one afternoon I got to visit the canal, which is frozen over and in the winter is the largest outdoor ice skating rink, I didn't bring my camera!  Ate a "beaver tail", which is a delicious sweet pastry, deep fried and showered with sugar, cinnamon, and lemon, which came straight out of the deep fryer and into my mouth.  I'm kind of a slow eater, and within 5 minutes it was practically frozen solid!

I also made it to Fabricland while there, and picked up some neat fabric.  I'll post photos of those later this week.

It was nice to work on light with my camera -- manually choosing aperture and shutter speed.  I do a pretty decent job now but will probably still use the auto-focus.  It's so great to take indoor photos in low light and not use the flash.  In fact, I took the picture below outdoors in low light and the color is pretty much the color of the sky that I saw.  I left my hotel at 6:30a to go to the airport, and here was some snow, piled up on the sides of the streets of downtown Ottawa, featuring the pre-dawn, deep blue sky:

From a cozy corner at the airport, the edges of the runway had accumulated beautiful, deep white snow, and even though luggage carts had made circular marks through some of it, the sections close to the side of the building were shaped by the wind.  I find this organic shaping so beautiful.  The snow here resembled sand dunes:

And I think this was the airport's main administrative building.  What a beautiful city!  So grateful I got to visit.


  1. Wow. My brain can't even comprehend what it's like to be in temperatures below zero. You're right...FREEEEEZING.
    Welcome back from the cold!

  2. Freezing temps make me wish Starbucks serves eggnog latte all winter long.

  3. Beautiful snowy pictures. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  4. I live in Ottawa! Its been crazy hot this summer so far...about 30C (which I think is around 90F). But in the winter it does get really cold...the -2F is on a tad colder day (-18 C), but we do get a day or two in the winter at -40 (both F and C, this is when the systems are equal).
    I really like all your men's shirt refashioned! I'm going to try a few..


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