02 November 2008

Refashion 8: Lionel Richie Tote from Men's Shorts

Yep, you read it right: I sewed a Lionel Richie tote bag while volunteering (in the swap/ sewing tent) at Maker Faire in Austin a few weeks ago.  There were tables of sorted clothes and I saw a brand new tee with a Lionel Richie screenprint -- probably an overrun from a printer? -- and I just HAD to reconstruct it into something that would get some airplay.  Doesn't Lionel Richie's clay likeness deserve that much?

On the men's pants table I found a pair of olive cargo shorts, and Lionel's fate was sealed.  The pockets and other helpful shorts features worked great for a bag.  I cut right down the middle of the shorts, preserving the side seam.  Sewed on the applique Lionel motif, made a new other side seam, sewed up the bottom.  I went to the remnant table, where I found a boys' Old Navy yellow plaid shirt.  Some fabric had been cut from the bodice but the plackets were intact, so I cut them off and used them as straps.

The copy on the screenprint reads: "How can I transform a lump of clay into a likeness of Lionel Richie from the 'Hello' video?"

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  1. Awesome. I absolutely love it. And that craft faire sounds too fun. Maybe you can make a Nicole Richie bag down the road....


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