01 June 2008

Summer Dress #3: McCall's 5654 Modern MuuMuu

Let's begin by concluding that this dress, although super-cute on the pattern envelope, is perhaps not ideal for my body type.

As completed, it takes 2 yards of fabric for the bodice front and back alone -- that is a ton for someone who is 5 feet tall! The dress is only intended to fit around the bust, and the rest is covered by the billows of fabric. It is also meant to fall above the knee, but I didn't shorten it and with a 1.5" hem it falls just below the knee. There's a chance that it would look much improved with a short hemline, like if I chopped off 4 inches, but I really prefer my easy dresses to not require me to sit in a ladylike fashion, i.e. must be casual and lounge without worry. When I stand up straight, the high bust looks way too roomy, about 1.5" too big, but when I lounge on the couch, it has enough ease to be perfectly comfortable. It would be too tight for lounging if it looked perfect when I was standing straight. What a quandary!

On the positive side, I could see that for someone taller and with a generally bigger frame, this dress would not seem to swallow them. It is a pretty cute style overall, just not on me. Full review of McCall's 5654 on patternreview.com.

I will definitely not sew this one again for me, but my BFF Emily has put in a request for one. She is taller and has a medium frame, and has picked out the most beautiful silk fabric, so this may turn out perfect for her.

Thus ended May, with a tally of three new dresses and a corset. I also finished a shirt I started about a year and a half ago, and since the fit is so perfect, I will sew that one up in a couple of different fabrics and trims. Also, I have come to the realization that I haven't really been challenging myself technically with May's dresses, so I think some focus on more fitted pieces is in order for June. I may sew up a vest and skirt combo for the work set, and perhaps a fitted dress instead of these pullover gobs of fabric which are great for hot summer days but don't improve my zipper installations.

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  1. I hope that you do make some soft toys. Judging by the look of your MuuMuu, they will be super cute!!


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