06 June 2008

Santa Monica - like heaven on Urth

I really enjoy L.A. This is my first business trip here that involves any amount of "sight-seeing" or otherwise just enjoying the local flavor. Specifically, my hotel is 4 blocks from the Santa Monica pier, so after class yesterday I had dinner with folks from class and then walked out to the water while the sun set. Sooooo beautiful.

And yesterday morning, I had breakfast at Urth Cafe, also just a few blocks from my hotel, and guess who I saw? Skipper from Sex and the City -- remember him from Season 1? One of Miranda's boyfriends? In real life, Skipper looked the same and even dressed similarly, but was accompanied by a little boy, maybe 3 or 4 years old. (Skipper and Miranda's love child, kept from the press all these years?) No one else seemed to notice, and I didn't ask for an autograph or try to sneak a picture from my cell phone camera. I think this is just L.A., with random folks you've seen on TV and in movies wandering the streets.

Driving from the airport to the hotel, I noticed that every billboard we passed promoted a new movie or cable TV show. In Austin, our billboards encourage us to "keep Texas beautiful" by not littering, or feature some Ford truck dealership. Not so in L.A. Here it's all about Kung Fu Panda and In Plain Sight.

It's been a lovely two days and I go home to Austin tonight. Back to the heat, and back to sewing loose and cool summer dresses.

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