21 June 2008

Poetry Saturday: Superheroes

I challenged my 5-year-old to write a song with me this week, but it turned out more like a story. Here it goes, as dictated to me (with some of my editorial ka-ka in the last sentence to try to tie it up neatly and quickly):

A long time ago, Superman was the superguy. The Hulk was fighting Spiderman. Spiderman wouldn't win because the Hulk could jump too high.

But Spiderman got better and better by practicing and Superman came to help. Batman came to help, too, and the Hulk had no idea. Suddenly a flash of light blasted through the island. It was Abomination, coming to help the Hulk.

After a long battle of epic proportions, Hulk and Abomination emerged victorious, for their combined strength eclipsed the speed and agility of Spiderman, Superman, and Batman.

And today I am improvising an Abomination hat for Louis, with the pointy ears. I penciled out a muslin and, if all goes well, I will have put one last project together for the monkey boy before my next trip.

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