25 May 2012

219. Super-Simple Baby Girl Quilt

Still alive, working like a crazed beast and loving every moment, and somehow still sewing.  Oh, I remember:  people around me still insist on having babies.  As long as they invite me to a shower, I will shun the baby registry and head instead to the fabric store for quilt fabrics.  This is for a baby girl, whose parents are doing a pink and brown, woodland creatures theme.  I did get some owl / woodland fabric from Etsy for a separate blanket, but that didn't get finished in time!  Luckily, the quilt did.  Here it is, front:

And a collage of front and back (pink and white cotton gingham), with dogs:

The dog on left is ours; the dog on right was a 2-week foster dog, who was almost identical in size to our dog, but only 5 months old.  I didn't ask the dogs to walk all over the quilt, but it must have been really cozy.  :)

Can I say that the fabric store is the only place left in the world where I allow myself to feel judged?  I swear, in asking the fabric cutter to help me decide between various colors for binding, I showed her the quilt top (which features five 8.5" x 10.5" colored rectangles), and she asked me, "Is that it?"  I said, "This is the quilt top."  And she said, "You aren't adding anything else"


No, I'm not adding anything else.  I am not a professional quilter.  I don't have a lot of "patience" for "precision" and "accuracy" and can't keep track of lots of little bits of fabric.  At the fabric store, where you'd think the goal is for employees to show enthusiasm and support for their customers' projects, I felt a little deflated!  Boo and hiss.

Well, the quilt is done and I was proud to offer it as our gift.  Maybe I will choose another fabric store next time.


  1. I think it's awesome. And the counter girl can go get stuffed!

  2. Just tell her you're a minimalist and you want each individual patterned piece to stand out and be noticed rather than be lost in an over-load of color. I think it looks great!

  3. Oh clever girl, I can relate!!! It looks fab to me. :)

  4. It's brilliant, in fact, I can think of a whole bunch of baby mamas who are having babies this summer, and I can steal this idea. Thanks!
    I make it a point to never listen to the counter girls. I figure, if they are incapable of cutting fabric in a straight line then they do not get to have an opinion on my work.

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  6. aw, I think anyone would be more than happy to receive such a lovely and thoughtful gift.

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