08 August 2010

202. In Mociun (knockoff #2) to Seattle

Or, my amazing and super-cool summer trip to Seattle, during which I wore my Mociun knockoff #2.  Why 2?  Read on to find out!

I booked a training in Bellingham, WA (depending on who you ask, Bellingham is 90 minutes or 3 hours drive time north of Seattle) for last week.  Since the work was Mon-Wed, I decided to plan a couple of play days in Seattle to finally meet some of my very most funnest blogging buddies!  I'll summarize in bullet points to spare your reading eyes:

Christy from Columbia Lily:

:: So cute. So smart. So lovely.
:: Quick reflexes!  Saved my head from being struck by a bus mirror!
:: Visited Olympic Sculpture Park.
:: Enjoyed a beautiful view of the water.

Sarah and Josh of Sewer-Sewist:

:: Coordinated a day trip to Seattle from Portland to coincide with my trip!
:: Sarah was the very first commenter on my blog, not counting my husband, some 2+ years ago!
:: Sarah & Josh are vegetarians and took me to Petra's mediterranean restaurant for a delicious, filling, abundant and nutritious vegan dinner.
:: Talked about sewing, blogging, social media (Sarah's particular expertise), and exotic places they've lived, including Ireland and Washington D.C.

Tina from glam.spoon:

:: Dressed to impress!  Chic and put-together as can be.
:: Took me to her favorite flea market in an area of Seattle called Georgetown, where she scored something really special for her sewing room.
:: Introduced me to the Goodwill of all Goodwills, a few blocks from Chinatown.  BIG. Coulda bought the whole store!  Follow them on Twitter -- active social media presence.  Pared down my finds to (in order from top to bottom) a duvet cover, vintage wool plaid, and vintage cotton seersucker in this completely loveable 70's colorway:

Diana, nee GeekSewing, a.k.a. Poplin, most recently of a blog called A Little Home Sewn:

:: Originally bonded over Japanese pattern books, we met in the middle of the Japanese sewing pattern books at Kinokuniya.  Narrowed down to three books and two Mrs. Style Book magazines:

:: Ate a late lunch at Uwajimaya and walked over to Daiso, like a Japanese dollar store, only everything costs $1.50.
:: Introduced me to Pacific Fabrics, where we both practiced a whole lot of self-discipline amidst rolls and rolls of fabric delight, and then to Stitches, where only Diana practiced self-discipline.  Purchased a yard of Kokka mermaid fabric (I don't think it's Heather Ross-designed, but maybe), and I've no clue what I'm going to do with it, but I love it:

Diana's pregnant with her 5th child and had expressed love for my Mociun knock-off #1, which is a great maternity and nursing dress, so I laundered it and packed it for her.  Then I whipped out a second knock-off after having made a couple of pattern mods so I could wear the new dress on my trip.  Made from a navy blue silk jacquard sari purchased at thrift store a few weeks ago:

And I may never in my life sew a slippery silk again.  Torture to sew, but heaven to wear.

Ladies (and the occasional gentleman), you will never know how grateful I am to have made friends across these world wide webs, and even more grateful to have met these 4 generous and super fantastic ladies and one gentleman in person last week.  I'm looking forward to seeing them again and hoping fate casts more blog buddies my way IRL.  Have a great week!  *hugs*


  1. soooOOOooo enjoyed meeting you and touring my town! My wonderful steamer trunk will always remind me of our day. :)

  2. This post is so enjoyable to read - I love that we form friendships with women all over the world who share a passion for cloth.
    Your new Mocium dress is amazing. Love the colour and fabric.

  3. Looks like a fun time! I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for a sari to thrift now - that dress turned out so great.

  4. Let me know if you are ever in Ohio! I can show you around our.... Hmmmm... Never mind there's nothing here. :)

  5. Oooooooooooooooooooh. Oooooooh!!! Looks like a fun trip all around! Plus, PLUS, remaking a sari into a different dress? How genius is that? It looks gorgeous on you :-).

  6. how incredibly cool you got to meet some great fellow blogging peeps! i think i'm way to shy to do that, but it looks like you had a fantastic time!

  7. That sounds like fun. The idea of meeting people IRL is one of the first things that appealed to me about blogging. I love the sari fabric dress. There are several sari stores near me, I've gone in but had no real idea what to do with that gorgeous fabric. You put it to good use.

  8. OMG. I love this dress. I want this dress. I have to have it. Have to. Nice work Antoinette.

  9. Isn't that Goodwill FANTASTIC?? I could spend DAYS in there. What flea market in Georgetown? I am going to have to check that out.

  10. Oh what a fun trip! #2 is beautiful!

  11. Love the dress; it's got that Japanese-y feel to it. It must be nice to be able to meet your blogfriends in real life. I have only ever met one blog friend and that was shortly before she left the country!

  12. Hi, found your blog through Light and Macaroni. Did your tag. Thanks for the inspiration. I hope you like the quick dinner ideas, I posted quite a few.

  13. Thank you for a fun-filled afternoon. Come and visit again!

    I'm not so sure about that photo of me... I just knew you were going to ask me to change my mind.

  14. Wow - what a great haul, and how fantastic to meet some blogging buddies. The dress looks great and all the better for being made from impossible fabric.

    Poplin, a fifth child! OMG! You will never have time to sew again. I miss your blog. Bet you'll have no time for that either! So glad you guys got to meet at last.

  15. Hey, that same duvet cover is on my bed at this very moment! :) And I love the 70's seersucker.

    LOVE the dress, and I'm happy you were able to meet up with so many awesome people. I'm pretty jealous.

  16. WOW Antoinette, what a trip! How did you arrange it all? It looks like it was awesome to meet so many sewing bloggers, showing you their version of Seattle.

    Just saw your tweet about the fashion show being TODAY! SO SO SO excited for you!!! Can't wait to see the pix!


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