01 February 2010

187. Celebrate The Boy

Well, well, well. I am really expanding my horizons this month! If this encompassed all the sewing blogs out there to some degree (knowing there's overlap and bits of this and bits of that)...

... then my little blog started out in the Fashion/ Apparel, included Refashion in 2008, and then touched on some DIY in 2009. Why not round out the picture by dipping my toe into crafting?

Dana over at MADE was one of the cool bloggers I hung out with at Wardrobe Refashion two years ago, and she is, without a doubt, a blogging phenomenon! Dana is a great designer and photographer and has provided inspiration for countless creative folks around the world. She had this great idea to host a month of making things for boys, who we all know kind of get shortchanged when it comes to sewing, as compared to girls. And she invited me along for the ride. My project and tutorial are going live February 27, so I shall keep you posted.

As much as it feels like my participation in Celebrate the Boy is a craft thing, it seems that Celebrate the Boy will feature projects that fall all over that chart above. Meaning some DIY, some craft, some refashion, and some apparel -- like Dana's first post of the month! These envelope neck tees with contrast ribbing and serging are to die for! Go check them out, and I hope to see you following along this month!


  1. She is so right about boys being neglected on the sewing front - if I had a little girl you can be sure I'd be whipping up fluffy light girl numbers such as the kind I wished I'd had as a child instead of sturdy handmedowns.

  2. Excellent!!

    First, because boys are certainly neglected in the sewing/crafting aspect of creativity. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Second, because including craftiness just makes you a well rounded person, a modern Renaissance woman, with hot glue gun in hand. :)

    The sewing I do for my boys now consists of mending, costumes and pajamas. Mending because it is necessary, costumes because I can and they will still be interested for a few more years, and pajamas so they can have skinny waistbands with EXTRA LONG legs. Very important for teenage boys.

    I've tried to teach my sons how to sew. They are more interested in taking apart the sewing machine to see how it works.

    Hahaha! The verification word is "creeptos": sounds like something a boy would say!

  3. Ah man. Thanks for the sweetest post. Such kind words! And I'm loving the little graphic you came up with. I'm glad you're dipping in to the "craft" side of things....since anything you do is brilliant and top-notch.
    Looking forward to Feb 27th!
    thanks for posting about BOY month!

    (ironic....my verification word is "barette")

  4. Oh I have just been for a look - so glad I did! Can't wait for yours!

  5. Such a good point, can't wait to see your BOY craft!

  6. I neglect both the boy and the girl in my life (hubby and daughter respectively). The former because he has very expensive taste, and the latter because she is very picky.

  7. What a great initiative! I know if I had a son I would love to make clothes for him. I am personally all for unisex wear for children. It just makes much more sense, and can easily be handed down to the smaller brothers *and* sisters. And more colours and fun details for the boys I say! Some boy stuff is in stores are just so drab IMO.

  8. great idea! Dana is a GENIUS.

  9. Can't wait to see your tutorial--what a HIGH FIVE idea from Dana. Also--preettttttttyyyyy chaaarrrtttt. I like charts. Love that you're throwing yourself into another piece of your pie (chart).

  10. Finally! I'm so starve for little boy ideas! I linked you to my blog. I have my coffee ready to see what I've missed. So glad you are joining them!

    anyone else following suit please leave your link in my comments. :)


  11. You're pretty well rounded to begin with, but I will look forward to whatever avenue this new endeavor takes you down!


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