24 August 2009

169. Summer Lovin' / Had Me a Blast

Ahh, what a summer. School started today so officially summer break is over for us, but summer lingers on. I can't wait for fall weather to arrive. In Israel, it doesn't look unbearably hot, as Selvi, winner of my first ever blog giveaway, models the Grainger top she won:

May I say, how exotic to send a package to Israel! I felt so official filling out my customs form!
And what a cute model. Thank you for sending the photo, Selvi.

This has been a summer of lovin' all over my little nook in Blogland. I won a giveaway I really, really, REALLY wanted to win -- for the Domino book over at Lisa's SHELTER Home. I still have almost every issue of Domino and secretly hope that, when the economy recovers, Domino will be resurrected:

CarrieGirl had a photo of the sweetest terrarium, and I couldn't help but ask where the little mushrooms in it came from. We proceeded to engage in a not-so-secret trade agreement: her three extra, unused mushrooms for a clear plastic irregular french curve #17 ruler. I think you'll agree it was a smart move on my part. Now I need to visit that garden shop when the temps dip below 90 and I can browse for my terrarium plants without sweating:

Poplin, nee Geek Sewing, sent me some presser feet to use from a Janome she no longer owns, that happen to fit my Kenmore (apparently mine was made by Janome). She included a couple of cute vintage patterns and fabric swatches from her recent projects. Since we have never met in person and live quite far from each other, this was such a neat way to experience the garments she makes since I will not soon have the benefit of seeing them in person:

Wendy from W. 38th posted a giveaway on her blog to the first respondents for various groupings of patterns. I was keen on the panties, sundress, and romper patterns, and Wendy was kind enough to think of my Chanel undertaking by including the extra pattern for the collarless jacket:

But wait! There's more! Kyle let me know a few weeks back that she was de-stashing patterns and fabric, and sent me an inventory of items to choose from. (!!!) It was like a sewist's dream come true: patterns, articles she'd saved for me, back issues of ReadyMade magazine, and some knits I might not have bought for myself:

She not only decorated the mailing box with Texas- themed stickers, but she also included a handwritten note and a handmade card:

And the inside of the card:

Wendy's and Kyle's packages came Saturday (two days ago). Today, another package arrived, this time a birthday package from Christy at Columbia Lily! Say what? Yes indeed, another package. Christy said she'd received some garment-related sewing items and wanted to send them to me, but what a trickster -- she included a Columbia Lily original Mini Pouch and some vintage buttons!

And don't forget that I won Keiko Lynn's Modcloth gift certificate giveaway just a month ago. (BTW I still haven't used it because their inventory turns over so quickly! If you see something there you can't live without, buy it now cause it may not be there tomorrow!) I'm not sure what I did right in the universe for all this goodness to come my way this summer, but I sure appreciate everyone's generosity.

It's been a while since I mentioned the Pay It Forward meme. Just a quick re-cap: I am making items to give to 5 people. I've finished two of them so far but will not blog any of them until I know the recipient is in possession of said item. I believe the first three will be done and shipped next week. It has been a lot of fun and a creative stretch working on these items. I started out digging through each of my 5's blog archives for clues, ideas, etc. Each of my professional and personal projects gets its own bulletin board -- they all hang on the wall in my sewing room -- and there is now a Pay it Forward bulletin board with all my notes, like a dossier on each blogger with notes and ideas. I sent some of them emails asking various questions to narrow down my options. It was very important to me to inject some of my ideas and influences, and I've enjoyed the process of marrying each of my 5's aesthetics and preferences with my own. I really hope they like what I make!

I'm not ignoring the question I raised in my last post, about dressing one's age. I have enjoyed reading each comment and challenging myself to see things differently. Truthfully though, it seems many of us share the same basic philosophy about dressing our age, whatever age that may be. I started a follow-up post to that last night and will publish it late this week. For the next few days things heat up for my day job, so... catch ya later, cool cats. xo


  1. Oooh! I love that pattern with the big pockets!! Surprise packages are great!!!:)

  2. That was a great card from Kyle!

  3. Christmas in August!! Your top looks great in Israel and international top of sorts.
    Congratulations on beginning a new school year, do I hear a sign of relief? You will be hearing one from Chicago tomorrow!

  4. What wonderful things to find in your mailbox.

  5. Wow, you DID have a good summer! :D

  6. Oh my goodness! I am just sick with all of your awesomeness! LOL! Wow! What a great post and so much inspiration! Thanks for putting all out there for us to read! You've given me many ideas for future projects! Thanks!

    And, yeah, isn't it cool to mail something to a place like Israel? I got to mail a postcard to Azerbijan (sp???) this summer...was kind of neat and the guy at the post office was impressed! LOL!

  7. that is a lot of blog lovin' when you list it all together! what a great summer its been. I have the same Columbia Lily apple bag, which I love... can't wait to see/hear more from you!

  8. @Laura Gerencser - You bet! Love surprises! :)

    @poplin - So thoughtful, all these packages, your surprise swatch set with new prints and textures. Lucky, lucky me.

    @Cindy - You heard a big sigh of relief when school started! Accompanied by a different kind of stress (the "I hope he does OK" kind). You know what I'm talking about!

    @Pam, @Becky, @Violet - Lucky lucky lucky! I know. They just appeared in my mailbox. :)

    @maleaab - I clicked over to your blog and love the idea behind your Etsy shop! Good luck with it! It reminds me a little of ThingADay.com that Tina at glam.spoon (who happened to comment right after you) told us about earlier this year.

    @glam.spoon - It is kind of crazy to see it all together! The apple bag is just the right size for all the little things that float around in my purse.

  9. That apple pouch is super cute!!


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