18 July 2009

156. Dear AngelaPea and Umatji...

... Will you please leave me your email address in a comment so I can contact you about the meme? When I tried to reply to your comments, they weren't linked to your personal email addresses. I have visited both of your blogs, and can't find your email addresses there or on your blogger profiles. Thanks! :)

I've been offline most of the week with the workshop and then I just felt kind of brain-fried yesterday. (BTW, did any of you see The Fashion Show? If so, did you vote for a collection? Guess next week's is the last episode of the season. And soon our beloved Project Runway will be back! Just a month away now!) Getting back in the swing of things today and I look forward to catching up with everyone's blogs! Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


  1. I happened to catch The Fashion Show for the first time. I saw the last bit of the one where they were narrowing it down to 4 and then the new one. I didn't care for it. I didn't see what was so great about the purple and fuschia dress, the twisted pleat thing on the dress that they loved have been done (I know it's a "new" idea, but still it seems like I saw it on project runway but I know I've seen it from other designers, and I saw it at the mall a few weeks ago) and even I recognized the copy dress as being a copy (didn't know who or anything, but it was that unoriginal) I'm glad they didn't pick him, but he should have had the integrity to admit to them that was his inspiration - especially since he'd said it with his mic on!

    But then I got kinda put off PR when they kept loving those dresses by the woman who put the twisted/braided neckline on almost everything. And that wasn't new then either.

    Perhaps my expectations are too high!

  2. Aaah. Well there you go!
    thanks for chasing!

  3. @Sarah - I've been enjoying seeing how TFS compares to PR. I'm amazed at how most of the TFS designers haven't seemed to sweat the short concept-to-completion times demanded of them compared to PR designers. I couldn't believe the blatant rip-off either, but there's always so much grey area with what's a copy vs. what's inspiration? It will be interesting to see how the series ends.

    @Umatji - Thanks for the info. Look forward to this giveaway meme! :)

  4. Yeah, what made it rip off for me is that he denied even knowing the original dress existed when talking to the judges instead of admitting it was his inspiration - as was caught on camera.
    Anyway, that was a cranky day, turns out I was coming down with a mean stomach bug. Note to self: don't comment/blog when cranky unless it's on my Mommy is Cranky blog HAHA!

  5. I watched TFS (while hand sewing yoke lining!) but didn't vote. Overall Anna was the most consistent designer, but I really didn't know who to vote for!

  6. Those shorts and that Battalion Jacket are to die for!


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