16 June 2009

148. Simplicity 2970 for my graduating girl

Louis and I are home after two weeks in Las Vegas.  What a great way to kick off summer vacation!  It was a meaningful trip for a few reasons... not sure how many of those things I will get into here on the blog, but there's one I'll share now.  My niece, Jessica, graduated from high school!  

Jessica was born my senior year of high school.  Up till then, my older sister getting quite large with baby, and I knew she was close to her due date.  About a week before her due date, my parents whisked me away to the hospital and I was told the baby was coming.  (It all seemed like magic then, like, "How do they know the baby's coming today?"  Now I know firsthand how it all works and it seems like... a different kind of magic.)

I watched with wonder as my sister groaned in agony every few minutes on the tiny bed in her private birthing room, with a variety of beeping machines attached to her.  My mother stayed at her side, smoothing my sister's hair from her face.  Everyone was so quiet, talking in hushed tones.  I vaguely remember my brother-in-law intermittently, quietly, getting styrofoam cups of chipped ice for my sister from somewhere down the hall.  

It seemed like this pattern of her groaning/ curling in fetal position and then just looking generally uncomfortable went on forever, until suddenly, the doctor came in and my dad and I were sent to the waiting area.  But I couldn't wait.  I stood outside the door and not much later heard a cry that made tears roll down my cheeks.  

The next thing I remember was going in to see my sister (exhausted) and the baby.  Her name had been picked out months before, but there was still one surprise: the thatch of bright red hair on this baby's round, healthy head.  It was her signature feature for a long time -- shocking red hair offset by dark brown eyes.  

It feels like not long ago that I heard this baby's first cry in this world.  I couldn't be more in awe of who she has become, or proud of her and her parents, who raised this beautiful, smart, confident young lady.  She likes going to the fabric store with me, and this weekend she picked out Simplicity 2970 and bright floral cotton fabric for a summer top:

This is a familiarly constructed garment for me -- similar to my beloved New Look 6239 -- and it went together in an hour or so, not including the time it took to select a size, lay out, and cut.  Unlike that big newborn baby (almost 9 lbs), the full-grown Jessica is 5'8".  (!!!!!!)  I thought at first that I might need to lengthen the bodice, but I took all the measurements and the size 16 all the way through worked well in the end.

She likes it and now that I know this pattern works for her, I will probably make a solid-color version and a jumper dress for her.  I might post a pattern review tomorrow at PR.com but tonight I shall sleep.  I'll post my other sewing projects from Las Vegas soon.  Hope you're all doing well managing into summer!


  1. Very special story! Thanks for sharing. The top is adorable. I am finding more late teens interested in sewing--our babysitters love seeing my projects. So funny because sometimes I get sewing ideas from all their name brands! Anyway...glad you had a wonderful trip.
    We were just in Vegas for a long weekend! Did you grow up there? We were with kids so we saw a lot outside the "strip" It was a great trip.

  2. Great story. It is all very different from the inside isn't it! I am due for my second in 7 weeks and just remembering how amazing the world looked from the other side. Lucky. Ask me again in seven weeks and I might have another word for it though!

  3. Time passes so quickly. I recently attended a 21st for twins who I've known since they were in nappies.

  4. I had never attended a birth before my own - it must've been a bit scary for you!

  5. Very cute top, she looks gorgeous! And an hour to put together - genius.

  6. I have two yards of that same exact fabric. My oldest wants me to turn it into a nightgown.

    Tell your niece she looks wonderful! Thank you for the beautiful story.

  7. Congratulations to your niece on graduating! That's a big step :-). She has great taste in fabric, and the shirt looks great on her. I'm sure she'd love it in a solid and as a jumper as well. Nice work!

  8. That's such a cute top! I love the colors & it looks really floaty and wonderful for summer.

  9. I think you've created a new blog genre... emotionally linked sewing projects. :) thanks for sharing.


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