15 May 2009

141. Stop

I can't remember if I've mentioned here that I'm the yearbook editor for Louis' elem. school.  Well, this is the last full week before the book goes to print, so I've spent all week tracking down the 27 or so faculty, staff members, and kids who missed photo day and photo make-up day last fall.  I've dragged around this yard of blue cotton broadcloth and a roll of masking tape all week, to set up impromptu backdrops in sunny hallways around the school.  And I photographed the morning safety patrol crew, as above, and a few of us will spend the entire morning photographing today's track & field day, which is a huge, school-wide event.

There are a host of other teeny, tiny details, too, like making sure pages are numbered and a there's a 0.25" border around the artwork on each page, etc.  And bigger details like rounding up the last few pages that volunteers are putting together.

Don't get me wrong -- this yearbook has been a waaaay fun volunteer project and it's been a blast working with some very cool parents.  But I've got a fun new dress to show you that I finally finished Wednesday, and no time to pick accessories and take pics for you, so it waits until the yearbook is done.  Thanks for helping me stay connected through your blog posts and emails this week!  Miss you and see you again soon!  :)

P.S.  During weeks like these, I also turn to my three fave teen bloggers for quick inspiration:


  1. yearbook editor!? that is a huge endeavor! I'm glad you're having fun, but I hope they appreciate your efforts. especially since I'm sure you are the only volunteer editor who would track down those who missed TWO scheduled photo days. :) can't wait to see the new dress!

  2. I can see why you follow those teen bloggers. I'll have to show this to my 16-yr-old daughter.

  3. I had no idea parents did the yearbook. I wonder if that was the case when I was in school?

  4. wow! No wonder you haven't been online! And BTW....track and field day was always my favorite day of elementary school...so fun...

  5. your energy, enthusiasm and "give it a go" mentality always inspire.

  6. Definitely admire you for attending to all those details - I know I couldn't handle it! It'll be really nice when you have the final product and know that you've played a part in preserving the special memories for the year.


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