23 April 2009

133. The Pants Sew-Along lives on

The March 2009 Pants Sew-Along is still moving along.  It has been a while since I've given a formal update not in the sidebar, so here goes.  Of the 6 who sewed along, two have crossed the finish line!  Congratulations!  

First up was Mary Nanna, who actually finished her pants on time, meaning by March 31.  She speaks pant fluently, like a second language.  I had a college professor who believed in language immersion, and I would focus on Mary Nanna's pants posts like I focused in this college Spanish class: intently absorbing every tiny bit I could.  What lessons to learn!  She picked a great-looking pattern, by no means uncomplicated, and she made a series of impressive modifications (13 total, if I recall) to create a smashing pair of trousers!  Love those side vents!  Ooh and ahh here over the almighty pants of Mary Nanna's, if you haven't yet.

My college Spanish professor, Prof. Arturo Flores.  Funny man, good teacher.  
Photo from TCU Daily Skiff.

Next to finish was Johanna Lu, who moved her household during sew-along month and drafted some complicated pants patterns from scratch on the way.  At one point in the process, she posted photos of her patterns that were so meticulous and beautiful I wanted to tape her pattern pieces together and wear them.  It was easy to see how she got so much inspiration from her original inspiration photo.  Imagine my surprise the other night, going through my old Anthropologie tear sheets, when I saw this photo of a green shirt I love from a few seasons ago -- but look at the pants!  I never noticed the pants till now.  The photo below is not of her inspiration pants, but I guess Anthro loves button front pants and is on the hunt for them every season:

I did see these pants below in one of the recent Anthro catalogs, and felt vaguely inspired.  Made me think of the Palmer Pletsch pants book I have and their recommended paper bag waist method of fitting pants, and since these Anthro pants in fact have a paper bag waist, maybe I should use a pants pattern to make these pants?  Then I would focus on picking a pattern with good crotch curve/ depth, easy hip fit, and drape to the waist?:

Another view, with model wearing them:

Also liking these high-waist shorts from Anthro... a nice way to take short-shorts with you in your mid-30's:

Always so much green!  For good measure, this green Anthro dress:

And a clip from Lucky.  I know I can make this dress in my sleep:

What's inspiring you this spring?


  1. Oh Thanks Antionette, that's so very sweet of you .. now I'm wondering, what's happened to yours?

    Actually I wear mine much more than I thought. Very practical that high waist, covers all kinds of cake transgressions nicely.

  2. I'm starting to think that my sewing is a bit like my cooking - the fewer changes I have the make/ingredients I have to buy, the more likely I am to make it.
    I am loving the green in that dress. 'Tis a pity it is autumn here...but then I can wear green in autumn eh?

  3. My inspiration right now are the buttoned shorts that you just showed me. So awesome - now I want them badly! I actually saw a similar pair on a friend last weekend and I think that's how the craving started. My friend is in her mid 20's and wore them with shiny black leggings while fronting her punk band, but you are right - they will work for us in our 30's as well :)

    And what a fun coincidence about the buttoned Anthro pants!

    Hope things are going well with your pants, and if not you can always do what I always do and just toss the dreary project and start a fresh!

  4. What's inspiring me this spring? Your blog! So many great ideas. I love the shorts and the dress from Anthro.

  5. Anthro does love the buttons... i found a pair of "elevenses" pale blue capris in a thrift store that literally have 27 buttons up the front of each leg. they're awesome. and those shorts are a must have!

  6. This color green is on my "color palette" for spring/summer.

    I always have a smock pattern in mind to sew, and just finished one a couple days ago.

  7. Oh, love the green. That really should be the color for spring.

    I'd be all over your giveaway except my bust is much too big. Ah well! So generous of you!


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