17 November 2008

Inspiration way up in the air

I was on a lovely plane flight today.  It was a direct flight from Austin to Boston on JetBlue.  Everything went exactly according to plan, from boarding in Austin to grabbing my bag off the belt in Boston.  Until today, I'd only flown JetBlue once before, when Louis was about 3, and I remember being glued to the on-board satellite TV for the full 3.5 hours, amazed and grateful I was getting to watch what I wanted to watch, and not Thomas the Tank Engine.

All around me, responsible world citizens tuned into CNN.  But I...

... I watched Project Runway reruns.  I got a lot of motivation from it and a little inspiration from that frost on my window, pictured above.  Made me think of white lace.  And the wheels are turning...


  1. OMG, it's Saturn's color-ologist!
    Can't wait to see how your icy inspiration turns into reality.

  2. I am unnerved in the air, but the flights to and from NM last week were probably the smoothest of my life. they would have been much more relaxing, however, with a little PR rerun.

  3. You're one busy girl on top of being so clever. Who am I kidding?! I can't upkeep a blog! Ugh.

  4. fancy, i have yet to fly on jetblue. tv makes the plane ride so much more bearable!

  5. Yeah, I'm surprised too. But now that all the pattern/fitting issues are (hopefully) worked out, and I did get it all cut out last night, I'm going to start the real thing today. Just finished all my markings, and now I'm off to the machines, hoping to have a pair of pants to show for it later!

    Also, great frost pic. And yay for project Runway reruns!


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