18 September 2008

International Wear a Dress Week: Day 4

Today I settled for a purchased dress.  There's a bunch of laundry to be done and I wasn't into it.  So this black dress was clean and it was getting hot again today, so I wore it.  I bought it a few years back from a teeny-bopper store (not F21, but I'm thinking Delias?) and I really love it.  It's made of a super-lightweight black cotton voile, fits so well, is incredibly comfortable, and has all these cute embellishments like lace and stuff that I can't be bothered with in my real sewing life.  In fact, Dana, this is the dress that I had in mind to copy when I tackled the Nurse Ratched Shirtdress last month!  You asked for a photo, so here it is!  :)

Going through this every day -- selecting a dress, setting up the photo shoot, uploading the photo, blogging it -- gives me a whole new appreciation for those Wardrobe Remixers.  It takes a lot of time, energy, forethought...  Not to mention the risk in showing the world your personal style statement, and opening a forum for positive and negative comments, or (eek!) no comments at all.  Brave they are.


  1. Ah. But, it is good to have a purpose. You look nice today Anoinette. I'm glad you are feeling better.

  2. I totally agree! wearing a dress all week has been exhausting enough, but getting the photo and posting... I can't wait to wear jeans on saturday!


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